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ALLEN, Deacon Joseph  (1650-1726/7)  MA

            Vinton, John Adams.  The Vinton Memorial, comprising a genealogy of the
                   descendants of John Vinton of Lynn, 1648
: also genealogical sketches
                   of several allied families...with an appendix containing a history of the
                   Braintree iron works, and other historical matter.  Boston:  S.K.
                   Whipple and Company, 1858. 

            _____________.  Genealogical Sketches of the Descendants of John
                    Vinton of Lynn, 1648.
  Boston:  S.K. Whipple and Company, 1858.
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ALLERTON,  Isaac  (c.1586-1659)  MA

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ALMY, William  (1601-1676)  RI

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ALSTON,  John  (c.1673-1758)  NC           

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AMBLER,  Edward  (1733-1768)  VA

            "Jacquelin and Ambler".  Virginia Cavalcade.  Summer, 1957.
                     (Richmond, Virginia State Library.)

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            Pecquet du Bellet, Louise.  Some Prominent Virginia Families.  Lynchburg,
                    VA:  J.P. Bell Company,  Inc., c1907.  Return to index

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