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BARBER (BARBUR),  George  (    -1685)  MA

            Leavitt, Emily W. and J. Howard Morse.  Morse Genealogy.  New York:
                    The Morse Society, 1903.  32-3.
                            (Nathaniel Johnson appointed guardian to children of Noah
                            Morse with his widow, wife of Nathaniel Heaton.)   Return to index

BARBER,  Captain James  (1740-1786)  PA

            Barber, Edwin Atlee, A.M.  Genealogy of the Barber Family. 
                   Philadelphia:  Press of William. F. Fell & Co., 1890.  Return to index

BARBER, Jedediah  (1787-1876)  NY

            Howe, Herbert Barber.  A Footnote to the History of the Military
                   Tract of Central New York.
  New York, NY: AMS Press, 1966. 
                   Return to index

BARBER, Robert  (1692-1749)  PA

            Barber, Edwin Atlee, A.M.  Genealogy of the Barber Family. 
                   Philadelphia:  Press of William. F. Fell & Co., 1890.

            Linn, John B.  and William Henry Egle, eds.  Pennsylvania Archives.
                   2nd Series. (1880 edition)  Harrisburg, PA: The State, 1874-1890.
                   Vol IX:769.

            Quay, Matthew (Linn, John, and Egle, Wm. H. MD).  Pennsylvania
.  Harrisburg: Lane Hart Printer, 1880.  

            Rupp, Israel Daniel.  Biographical History of Lancaster County
                    Pennsylvania Archives, second series, vol. 9, 1880 ed., 769.  
                    Return to index

BARBER,  Colonel William  (1602-1669)  VA

            Baskervill, Patrick Hamilton.  The Hamiltons of Burnside, North
                    Carolina and Their Ancestors and Descendants.
                    Wm. Ellis Jones & Sons,  Inc., 1916.  Return to index

BARHAM,  Charles  (1626-c.1683)  VA

            Barham,  Robert Young.  The Pedigree of the Family of Barham of England
                    and Virginia.
  New York: The Salisbury Press, 1963.   Return to index

BARNARD, John  (1712-1757)

             Bulloch, Joseph Gaston Baillie.  A History and Genealogy of the Habersham
                    Family in the Connection With the History, Genealogy and Mention
                    of Families of Clay, Stiles, Cumming, King, Elliot, Milledge,
                   Maxwell, Adams, Houston, Serevens, Owens, Demere, Footman, Ellis,
                   Washington, Newell, De Treville, Davis, Barrington, Lewis, Warner
                    Cobb, Flournoy, Pratt, Nephew, Bolton, Cuthbert... And Many Other
Columbia, SC:  The R. L. Bryan, Co., 1901.  pp. 70-71.

             Georgia Gazette.  Savannah, GA.  9 Oct. 1794.

             McCall, Ettie (Tidwell).  Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia and
                    Other States
.  Comp. by Mrs. Howard M. McCall.  Baltimore: 
                    Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968-1969.  p. 30.

             McCall, Hugh.  The History of Georgia, Containing Brief Sketches of the
                    Most Remarkable Events up to the Present Day, (1784) by Capt.
                    Hugh McCall. 
Atlanta, GA:  Reprinted by A. B. Caldwell, publisher, 1909.
                    p. 233

            South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine.  1918. Vol. XIX,
                    p. 96.

             Warren, Mary Bondurant.  Marriages and Deaths, 1763 to 1820; Abstracted
                    from Extant Georgia Newspapers. 
Danielsville, GA:  Heritage Papers,
                    1968.  p. 6.  Return to index

BARNWELL,  Colonel John  (1680-1724)  SC

            Barnwell, Stephen B.  The Story of an American Family.  Marquette, MI:
                    Barnwell, 1969.

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            Yearbook of the City of Charleston, 1894., p.314-352.

            Journal of His Majesty's Council for South Carolina, May 29, 1721 -
                    June 10, 1721
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            The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, II.  Charleston,
                    SC: South Carolina Historical Society, Walker, Evans and Cogswell Co.
                    printers, 1901.    Return to index

BARRETT, Charles  (   ?  - 1771)  VA

            Chappelear, George W.  Families of Virginia, Vol III.  Harrisonburg,
                    VA:  The Cavalier Press, 1934.    Return to index

BARRETT, Thomas  (1717-1790)  NC

Clark, Walter, and William Laurence Saunders. The State Records of North Carolina. Raleigh, NC: P.M. Hale, 1886-1907; New York: AMS Press, 1968. Vol. 22, p. 273.  Return to index

BARTON, Thomas  (? - 1732)  SC

Edgar, Walter B., N. Louise Bailey, and Alexander Moore. Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1974- . Vol. 2, p. 58.    Return to index

BASS,  Samuel  (c1600 - 1694)  MA

           Anderson, Robert Charles.  The Great Migration Begins: immigrants
                    to New England: 1620-1633. 
Vol I, A-F, p. 124-127.  Boston: New
                    England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995, 1998.

            Pope, Charles Henry.  The Pioneers of Massachusetts.  Maryland: Heritage
                    Books, Inc., 1991. p.37.

            Savage, James.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New
                    England showing three generations of those who came before
                    May, 1692, on the basis of the Farmer's Register,
Vol I, p. 135.
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977, 1986.  4v. [Boston: 
                    Little Brown and Company, 1860-62.]  Return to index

BASSE, Nathaniel  (1587-1654)  VA

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Stanard, William Glover, and Mary Newton Stanard. The Colonial Virginia Register. Albany, NY : 5; Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965.    P. 27, 31, 53, 54.

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Vol. 1, p. 100.

Virginia Land Records: from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1982, 2000, 2010.  P. 501.

   Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Richmond, VA: Virginia Historical Society. Vol. 21 (1913), p. 52-53.

Wilbanks, Fredra Brooks. Humphrey Bass. Typescript. Salt Lake City, UT: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2001. (FHL Film 1440559,
item 3.)     Return to index           

BASSETT, William  (? - 1687)  MA

"The Division of Land (in 1623)". The Mayflower Descendant. Vol. 1 (1899), p.229.

"Plymouth County Deeds". The Mayflower Descendant. Vol. 9 (1907), 
p. 44-45.

Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, in New England, Printed by Order of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Boston: Press of W. White, 1855-1851. Various reprints. Vol. 1, p. 154; vol. 2. p. 46, 57. (;;

"The 1627 Division of Cattle". The Mayflower Descendant. Vol. 1 (1899),

"The Will of William Bassett". The Mayflower Descendant. Vol. 16 (1914). p.162-3.  Return to index  

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