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BATES, John, IV  (1715/6 - 1766)  VA

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BATTAILLE / BATTLE,  John  (1656-1708)  VA

            Stanard, William G. and Mary Newton Stanard.  The Colonial Virginia
                    Register: a list of governors, councilors and other higher officials..
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965.  [Originally published,
                    Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1902.]  Return to index

BATTE, Henry  (1640-1703)  VA

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BATTEY,  Samson  (before 1675 - after 1716)  RI

            Battey, Herbert Verner.  Samson Battey of Rhode Island; the immigrant
                     ancestor and his descendants. 
Council Bluffs, IA: Printed and bound
                     by Ainsworth Printing Co, 1932.  Return to index

BATTLE,  Elisha  (1723-1799)  NC

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__________________________________________. Bible Records of Early Edgecombe. Rocky Mount, NC: Dixie Letter Service, 1958.
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BATTLE, William  (1728-1785)  NC

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                    Family in America.
  Montgomery, AL: The Paragon Press, 1930.          

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                    Alabama,  covering social and political life in Washington and the
                    South, 1853-66,  gathered and edited by Ada Sterling.  Illustrated
                    from contemporary portraits.  New York: Doubleday, Page &
                    Company, 1904.   Return to index

BEALE, Colonel Thomas   (1610-1700)  VA

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   Baltimore:  Southern Book Co., 1958.

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                    Register: a list of governors, councilors and other higher officials..
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965.  [Originally published,
                    Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1902.]  Return to index

BEALE,  Thomas  (c.1630-1708)  MA

            History of the Town of Hingham Massachusetts.  Hingham, MA: The Town,
                    1893.  Return to index

BEALL, Josias  (1725-1803)  MD

             Jourdan, Elise Greenup.  Early Families of Southern Maryland.  Westminster,
MD: Family Line Publications, 1992-2000. Vol. 6.  1998.  The author
                    traces the descendants of five Beall immigrants: Ninian, Robert, James,
                    Alexander and Thomas.

Keddie, Leslie, and Neil Keddie. Prince George's County, Maryland Wills: Liber T no.#1. [Salisbury, MD]: Family Tree Bookshop, 2001. Orphan's Court. Folio 376. Will of Josias Beall.

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Vol. 1 (A-H), p. 123-124.

Register, King George's Parish, 1689-1801. Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD.    P.321.  Return to index

BEALL, Colonel Ninian  (1625-1717)  MD

            Beall, Frederick Carroll.  Robert Beall (Bell), His Ancestors and
.  Pub 1970.
                           (Copy in DAR Library, Washington, D.C.)

            Beall, F.M.M.  Beall and Bell Families.  Chas. 11.  Potter Publisher, 
                    1929.  Return to index

BEARD,  Richard  (1620-1681)  MD

            Richardson, Hester Dorsey.  Side Lights on Maryland History with sketches
                    of early Maryland families
.  1913.

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Baltimore: Regional Publishing, 1973.  Originally published,

            Whitelaw, Ralph T.  Virginia's Eastern Shore.  Richmond, VA: Virginia
                    Historical Society, 1951.  Return to index

BELL,  Francis  (c.1615-1690)  CT

            Hoyt, David W.  History of Hoyt, Haight, Hight Families.  Providence,
                    RI:  Providence Press, 1871.  Return to index

BELLINGER, Sir Edmund  (1658-1706)  SC          

            Bulloch, Joseph G., MD.  History and Genealogy of the Families of Bulloch,
                   Stobo, Deveaux, Irvine... 
Savannah, GA:  Hutton, Fine Printers, 1892.

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                    of Bellinger and De Veaux and Other Families. 
Savannah, GA:
                    The Morning New Print, 1895.

            History and Genealogy of Bellinger and Deveaux and Other Families.
Savannah, GA:  The Morning News Print, 1895.  Return to index

BENBURY, General Thomas  (1736-1793)  NC

            Hathaway, James Robert Bent.  The North Carolina Historical and 
                    Genealogical Register
. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.,
                    1970-1971.  Also Edenton, NC: Hathaway, 1900-1903.

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                    (1851)  Reprinted New York: Frederick H. Hitchcock, 1925. 2v.
                     Return to index.

BENEDICT, Thomas  (1617-1690)  CT

            Benedict, Henry Marvin. Genealogy of the Benedicts in America.
                    Albany: Joel Munsell, 1870.   Return to index.

BENNETT,  Edward  (1577/78-1664)  VA

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BENNETT, Governor Richard  (1608-c.1675)  MD and VA

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Richmond?:  Published by 
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                    (1st edition 1956).  Return to index

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                    Return to index.

BERKELEY, Edmund II  (c1674-1718)  VA

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New York: Wright, 1911; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1968.
Other reprints.

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Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia.
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Oct. 23, 1721), p. 417-418.

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BERNARD,  William  (1598-1665)  VA

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                    Purse and Person, Virginia (1607-1624/5)
.  Third Edition. 
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National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth
of Virginia. Register of Ancestors. Richmond, VA: The Society, 1996.
P. 10.   Return to index.

BERRIEN, John  (1711-1772)  NJ

             Nelson, William. New Jersey Civil List, 1664-1800; Compiled from Volumes
                   of  Commissions, Leaming & Spicer, New Jersey Archives and Journals
                   of the Joint Meetings
. [S.l.: s.n., 1800]. Liber C2, p. 268.
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BERRYHILL, Lieutenant William  (1739-1799)  NC

            Brooks, Roy and Mrs. Ernest Newton.  Bridges to the Past. Vol. 1 (Bound
                    compilation of weekly column in Forest City, NC.)  This Week.  Copy 
                    of column "On the Baxter Family Cemetery" published Wednesday,
                    April 26, 1971.

            Haynes, Mrs. Grover C., Sr.  Raleigh Rutherford Haynes: A History of His
                    Life and Achievements
.  Asheville, NC: Haynes, 1954.   Return to index.

BETTS,  Richard  (c.1618-c.1713)   NY

            Hartness, George Bowman.  By Ship, Wagon and Foot to York County, SC.
                    Columbia, SC:  privately published by the author, 1966.  Return to index.


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