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BEVELL (Bevill, Beville, Bevil), Essex  (1639-1683)  VA

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BEVERLEY, Robert  (1641-1686)  VA

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BEVERLEY, Robert  (1673-1722)  VA

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  Published by William Ellis Jones,
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BEVILLE (BEVILL), Robert  (1723-1766)  GA

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 Return to index.

BIBB, William  (1735-1796)  VA

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BILLINGSLEY, Francis  (1620-1695) MD

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BLAGRAVE,  Henry  (c1710-1781)  VA

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Vol. II, p 646, 648. Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Co., 1992-.

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BLAINE, Ephraim  (1741-1804)  PA

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BLAKE, Edward  (c1730-1795)  SC

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United States. Bureau of the Census. Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: South Carolina. Washington: Govt. Print. Off, 1908; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966. ( to index.

BLAND, Theodorick of Westover  (1629-1671)  VA

            Bland, Charles Lewis.  A Vision of Unity: The Bland Family in England
                    and America 1555-1900
.  Williamsville, NY:  C.L.Bland, c1982.
                         (Extensive research and clarification of Bland Line from Adam
                          [baptized 1582, died 1594] and Joan Atkyns his wife [c.1530-
                          died 1596] of London; descendants' rise in international trading,
                          and establishment in Colony of Virginia in 1653 through Adam's
                          grandson, Theodorick, who died there in 1677, the scion of
                          nine succeeding generations.)

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                    manuscripts of Colonel Theodorick Bland,  Jr.
  Petersburg, VA: 
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                    in 18th Century Virginia. 
Dissertation submitted for PhD degree at The
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  Boston:  Little Brown & Co., 1970. Return to index.

BLANTON,  George  (c.1735-1802)  NC

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                    Press of Rockwell and Churchill, 1894.  Return to index.

BLEDSOE,  Colonel Anthony  (1733-1788)  VA

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            see also the following newspapers:
                    Mobile Alabama Press-Register.  Sunday, February 7, 1965.
                    The Nashville Tennessean.  Sunday, August 16, 1959.
                    Natchez Mississippi Democrat.  Pilgrimage Edition, 1955.  Return to index.  

BLEIKERS , Johannes (Blaker)  (c1660-1741)  PA

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