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CAVE,  Benjamin  (1684-1762)  VA

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                    January 11, 1978: A Bicentennial Register of Members.
                    Virginia State Library, 1978. P. 83, 85-89.

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                    Regional Publishing Co., 1974.

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                    with notes of Old Churches and Old Families and Illustrations of the
                    Manners and Customs of Olden Time.
  Baltimore:  Innes & Company,
                    Printers, 1877.                 

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                    Register: a list of governors, councilors and other higher officials..
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CHAMBERS,  Colonel David  (1735-1795)  NJ

            Stryker, William S.  Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey
                    in the Revolutionary War.
  Compiled under orders of Theodore F.
                    Randolph, Governor, by William S. Stryker, Adjutant General.  With added
                    Digest and revision, for the use of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State
                    of New Jersey (1911).  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1967.
                    Originially published 1872.  Return to index.

CHANDLER, Joel   (1736-1800)  NC

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                    North Carolina 1746-1765. 
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                    County, North Carolina 1746-1808
.  Rocky Mount, NC: J.W. Watson,

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                     Co., 1999.

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            Wynn, Frances.  Franklin County Georgia Records. 35. Washington
                     Memorial Library, Macon, GA.  Return to index.


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