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CHAPIN, Josiah  (c1635-1726)  MA

Acts and Resolves, Public and Private, of the Province of the
Massachusetts Bay (1692-1786).
Boston: Wright and Potter,
printers to the State, 1869-1922.   Vol. 9, p. 4, 54, 172.

Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital Records of Mendon, Massachusetts, to
the Year 1850.
Boston, MA: [New England Historic Genealogical
Society], 1920; Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 1990s. P. 455.

Ballou, Adin. History of the Town of Milford, Worcester County,
Massachusetts, from Its First Settlement to 1881.
Boston: Rand,
Avery, & Co., 1882. P. 614. (

Bates, Samuel. Records of the Town of Braintree, 1640-1793.
Randolph, MA: D.H. Huxford, Printer, 1886. P. 640.

Chapin, Gilbert Warren. The Chapin Book of Genealogical Data: with Brief
Biographical Sketches of the Descendants of Deacon Samuel
Hartford, CT: Chapin Family Association, 1924; [Salem, MA:
Higginson Book Co., 1994].  P. 5-6.

 Weymouth (Mass.) Vital Records of Weymouth, Massachusetts, to the Year
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1910; 
[Salem, MA]: Higginson, 2000.  Vol. 1, p. 161; vol. 2, p. 45.
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CHAPIN,  Deacon Samuel  (1598-1675)  MA

            Chapin, Gilbert Warren.  The Chapin Book of Genealogical Data.....
                    descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin.
  Hartford, CT:  Chapin Family
                    Association, c1924.  2v.   

            Chapin, Howard M.  "The English Ancestry of Deacon Samuel Chapin
                    of Springfield, Massachusetts" in English Origins of New England
                    Families from the  Historical and Genealogical Register,
                    by Gary Boyd Roberts Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1984.

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                   Patriots: Ancestors Remembered.
  Published by the NSCDA in the State
                   of Maryland, 1994. 

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                    Massachusetts Bay in New England
.  Boston: The Legislature,

             Torrey, Clarence Almon.  New England Marriages.  Baltimore: Genealogical
                     Publishing Co., 1985.   Return to index.

CHAPPELL, James (1694-1769) VA

            d'Angerville, Count.  Living Descendants of  Blood Royal. London & Paris:
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            Whittington, Earle Ligon.  The Ligon Family and Connections, Vol. III.
                    Memphis, TN: Privately printed, 1973. P. 163.   Return to index.

CHASE,  Aquila  (1618-1670)  NH

            Benes, Peter.  Old Town and The Waterside: two hundred years of tradition
                    and change in Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, 1635-
  Newburyport, MA:  Historical Society of Old Newbury, 1986.

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                    Relating to the Province of New Hampshire, From the Earliest
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                    the Meetinghouse Green Memorial and Historical Association by P.E.
                    Randall, 1977, c1894.]

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                    Historical Society, 1925.

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                    With Some Related Families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich, and
                    and Hampton. 
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            Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, To the End of the Year 1849,
Vol I - Births. Salem, MA:  The Essex Institute, 1911.  2v.  Return to index.

CHASE,  Isaac  (1650-1727)  MA

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Boston:  G. H. Dean, 1911-1925; Edgartown, MA:
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                    Carolina, 1734-1850. 
[S. 1:s. n.] c. 1961. Vol. I, p. 235.
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                     American Revolution.
[Durham, NC]: National Society of Daughters of the
                     American Revolution of North Carolina, 1932; Baltimore: Genealogical
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                     Giving the Early History of the County Down to the Present Time
                      (1916), Also Complete Lists of County Officers, Together with Minor
                      Officers and Also Sketches of County Officers' Lives With Chapters
                      on the Histories of Old Families of Clinch County, Also Other
                      Information as is Historical in its Nature
.  Macon, GA:  J. W. Burke
                      Co., 1916.

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                    Vol. 112, pg. 422.

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                    Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution,
                    with an Appendix Containing a Collection of Miscellaneous Records
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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. [Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1847- ] Vol. 1, p. 68.  

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CHAUNCY (CHAUNCEY), Rev. Charles  (1591-1671/2)  MA

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