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CHEW,  Benjamin  (1722-1810)  PA

            Konkle, Burton A.  Benjamin Chew.  Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania
                    Press, 1932.
                           (An extensive and scholarly biography.  Very thorough index which
                            may be helpful to those researching his contemporaries.)  
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CHEW,  Larkin  (c.1675-1729)  VA

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                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965-71, 1990.  Will of Larkin Chew. P. 2.

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,   Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing
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                    descendants of William and Ann Chew Johnston (1697-1778).
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January 11, 1978: a Bicentennial Register of Members.
Published for the General Assembly of Virginia by the Virginia State Library, c1978. P. 72.

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                    Supplement, 1935-1939, by Stephen Heard Chapter, Daughters of
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Atlanta: Cherokee Pub.
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.  Third Edition. 
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                    Dietz Press, 1987.                 

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. 32 (1924), p. 29-50.  Return to index.


CHICKEN, Colonel George  (born in Scotland - died 1727)  SC

            Rose, Mrs. Arthur Gordon.  "Little Mistress Chicken", The Youth's
  Detroit, MI: Sprague Publishing Co., 1899-1941.
                    LC 10018192. Republished in 1913 and 1925 and reprinted in
                            (Original printing plates donated to NSCDA-SC) 

            Simons, Robert Betham.  Thomas Grange Simons III, His Forbears and
.  Charleston, SC: privately printed, 1954.  Return to index.

CHIDSEY,  Isaac  (1731-1814)  CT

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            Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 1636-1776. Hartford, CT:
                   Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1850-1890. Vol. 12, p. 605; vol. 14, p. 11.
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CHIDSEY, John  (1621-1688)  CT

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Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut (1678-1689). Hartford: Brown and Parsons, 1859. P. 17, 26, 48, 66.   Return to index.

CHILES, Henry  (1671-1718)  VA

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CHILES, Walter I.  (c. 1600-1653)  VA

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                    Walter Chiles of Bristol, England and Jamestown, Virginia.

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                    from the family files with Rowland/Thomas connections and some
                    ancestors and descendants of Jane Thomas Rowland and Arthur Ray
  Augusta, GA: (One 7th Street, Suite 1503, Augusta 30901):
                    RR Books, 1998.

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CHILTON,  James  (c.1556-1620)  MA

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Vol I.  Boston: New England
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CHITTENDEN,  Governor Thomas  (1730-1797)  CT

            Smallwood, Frank.  Thomas Chittenden, Vermont's First Statesman.
                    Shelburne, VT:  The New England Press, Inc., 1997.  Return to index.

CHOATE,  Thomas  (c.1668-1745)  MA

            Jameson, E.O.  The Choates in America 1643-1896: John Choate and
                    his descendants.
  Boston:  Alfred Mudge and Son, 1896. 
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CHURCH, Benjamin  (1639-1718)  RI

The American Genealogist. Vol. 61 (1985-1986), p. 131.

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