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DADE,  Francis  (c.1621-1663)  VA

            Gray, Violet Noland. 

Genealogical History of Robert Beheathland,
                    one of the founders of James Towne, 1607, and his descendants
                    through his daughter Mary covering the years from 1607 to 1976.
                    Baltimore:  Gateway Press, 1978.

            Meyer, Virginia M. and Dorman, John F..  Adventurers of Purse and Person,
                    Virginia, 1607-1624/5. 
Alexandria:  First and Families of Virginia, 1987.
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DALE, Major Edward  (c.1628-1695)  VA

            D'Angerville, Count.  Living Descendants of Blood Royal, Vol III.
                    Published by World Nobility and Peerage.  Gillingham, Dorsetshire,
                    Great Britain: T. H. Bicknell & Son, Lt., The Blackmore Press, 1964.

            Miller, Joseph Lyon, MD.  The Descendants of Captain Thomas Carter
                    of Barford, Lancaster County, Virginia.
  Bridgewater, VA: 
                    C.J. Carrier, 1912.  Return to index.

DANFORTH, Nicholas  (1589-1638)  MA

             Bond, Henry.  Genealogies of the Early Settlers of Watertown,
.  Boston:  Little, Brown & Co., 1855.

             May, John Joseph.  Danforth Genealogy.  Charles H. Pope, 1902. 

             Torrey, Clarence Almon.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1985.  Return to index.

DANFORTH, Thomas  (1623-1699)  MA

            Danforth, Thomas.  An Oration, pronounced July 4, 1804, at the request
                    of the selectmen of the town of Boston in commemoration of the
                    anniversary of American Independence
.  Boston: Printed by
                    Russell and Cutler, 1804.

            Shurtleff, Nathaniel Bradstreet.  Records of the Governor and Company
                    of the Massachusetts Bay.
  Boston:  W. White, Printer to the 
                    Commonwealth, 1853-54.  Return to index

DANIEL, William  (c.1630-c.1698)  VA

            Hardin, J. Fair.  Northwestern Louisiana, A History of the Watershed
                    of the Red River, 1714-1937
.  Louisville, KY:  Historical
                    Record Association, 1938.

            Hayden, Horace Edwin.  Virginia Genealogies.  Baltimore, MD:
                    Southern Book Company.

            Hearne, William T.  A Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne
  Independence,  MO:  Press Examiner Printing Co., 1907.

            Hobgood and Clayton.  Cemetery Records of Lauderdale County,
Vol I.

            Mann, Robert and Catherine, then Middlesex. Virginia Daniel Descendants.
                    Cedar Bluff, AL:   Published, 1959.

            Parish Register of Christ Church,  Middlesex County, VA from 1653
.  Published by the NSCDA in the Commonwealth of
                    Virginia, 1897.  New material added in 1988.   Return to index

DAVENPORT, Francis  (?-1707)  NJ

Nelson, William.  New Jersey Colonial Civil List, 1667-July 4, 1776.  Mount Holly, NJ:  National Society of Colonial Dames of America, 1985. P. 16.

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey (Archives of the State of New Jersey). First Series. Vol. 13: Journal of the Governor and Council... Trenton, NJ: J.L. Murphy Pub. Co., 1890.   P. 301. Return to index

DAVENPORT, Jr., Thomas   (c.1715-c.1781)  VA

            Indenture between brothers Henry Davenport & his wife Elizabeth and
                    Thomas Davenport concerning the land left by their father Thomas
                    Davenport "the Elder" of VA.
 Clarke County (GA) Superior Court:
                    Bk or Vol. No. M,  Dates 1821-25, Page No. 263; Georgia
                    Department of Archives and History, Drawer 97, Box 41.  Return to index

DAVIDSON, John  (1735-1832)  NC

            Alexander, J.B., M.D.  Bibliographical Sketches of the Early Settlers
                    of the Hopewell Section.
  Charlette, NC:  Observer Printing and
                    Publishing House, 1897.

            Davidson, Chalmers Gaston.  Major John Davidson of Rural Hill,
                    Mecklenberg County, N.C.
  Charlotte, NC: The Lassiter Press,
                    Inc., 1943.

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                    Raleigh, NC: State Department of Archives and History, 1957.

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                    Vol 2 (D-G).  Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina
                    Press, 1986.

            Sommerville, Charles William, PhD., D.D.  The History of Hopewell
                    Presbyterian Church.
  Charlotte, NC:  The Observor Printing
                    House, Inc., 1939.  Return to index

DAVIS, James  (1721-1785)  NC

            Connor, R.D.W.  North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth;
.  V 1-2 historical, v 3-4 biographical.  Chicago; New
                    York: American Historical Society, 1928-29. 

            Dill, Alonzo Thomas.  Governor Tryon and His Palace.  Chapel Hill: 
                    University of North Carolina Press, 1955.  pp. 72-78, 110, 157-159,
                    171-2, 185, 190-92, 212.

            Hamlin, Charles Hunter.  Ninety Bits of North Carolina Biography.  New
                    Bern, NC: Owen G. Dunn, Co., 1946.

             Lefler, Hugh Talmage and Newsome, Albert Ray.  North Carolina; the
                    History of a Southern State. 
Chapel Hill, NC: University of North
                    Carolina Press [1954] p. 104, 137, 603.

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                    University of North Carolina Press, 1971, 1986- . Vol. 2,  p. 34-35.

             Powell, William Stevens, ed.  The Journal of the House of Burgesses of the
                    Province of North- Carolina, 1749
.  Raleigh, State Dept. of Archives
                    and History, 1949, 1958. p. 12.

             Saunders, William L., ed.  The Colonial Records of North Carolina.  Raleigh,
                    NC: P. M. Hale, 1886-1890; Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Pub., 1993. Vol.
                    4, p. 1023, 1058; vol. 5, p. 176, 243, 245, 1055; vol. 9, p. 1005-6, 1179-

             Wheeler, John Hill.  Historical Sketches of North Carolina from 1584 to
Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo, 1851; Baltimore Regional Pub.
                    Co., 1964. p. 44.  Return to index                   

DAVIS, William  (1737-1801)  SC

              Bailey, N. Louise, Mary L. Morgan, and Carolyn R. Taylor. Biographical
                     Directory of the South Carolina Senate, 1776-1985.
Columbia, SC:
                     University of South Carolina Press, 1986. 
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DAY, John, Sr.  (1742-1833)  VA

Daughters of the American Revolution. Texas Society. The Roster of Texas Daughters Revolutionary Ancestors. Bicentennial ed. [Midland? TX]: The Society, 1976. P. 585. 

Dorman, John Frederick. Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications. Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman. Washington: J.F. Dorman, 1958--. Vol. 28: Davis, Lewis - Deer. 

Saunders, William L. The Colonial Records of North Carolina. Raleigh: P.M. Hale, State Printer, 1886-1890. Vol. 10, p. 187, 944, 949.
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DAYTON, Jonathan  (1701-1776)  NJ

Dayton, Edson Carr. The Record of  a Family Descent from Ralph Dayton and Alice (Goldhatch) Tritton...; a Genealogical and Biographical Account of One Branch of the Dayton Family in America. [Hartford] Priv. print. [The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.] 1931; Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 2006. P.75-78.

Hatfield, Edwin F. History of Elizabeth, New Jersey: Including the Erly History of Union County. New York: Carlton & Lanahan, 1868, 1974; Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 1992. P. 412. (;;

Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey [1775-1776]. Trenton, NJ: Printed by Naar, Day & Naar, 1879. P. 36.

Taulman, James E. Amos Cooper Dayton; a Critical Biography. Thesis. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1965. P. 3, 8.

Woodruff, James W. List of Names in the Monumental Inscriptions Remaining in the Cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church Elizabethtown, NJ, of Dates from 1687-1799 Inclusive. Thesis. Copy in the New Jersey Historical Society Library. Return to index 


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