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DE GRAFFENRIED,  Christopher  (1603-1637)  NC

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                    NC: Tryon Palance Commission, 1987.  Return to index

DE GRAFFENRIED, Christopher  (1661-1743)  NC

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DE LA MONTAGNE, Johannes  (1595-1643)  NY

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("Kingston Papers," translated by Dingman
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DE SAUSSURE, Daniel  (John Daniel Hector)  (1736-1798)  SC

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DE SAUSSURE,  Henry (Henery)  (    -1761)  SC

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  Washington: 1958.

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                    p. 182-183.  Return to index

DEACON, George  (1642-725) NJ

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[S.l.: s.n., 1800].  Liber AAA of
, p. 7. Leaming & Spicer, p. 443, 491, 500, 504.
 Return to index   

DEJARNETTE,  Elias  (1704-1769)  VA

            Frost, May Miller; and Earl C. Frost..  DeJarnette and allied families in
                    America (1699-1954). 
San Bernadino, CA:  Frost & Frost, 1954.
                    Return to index                

DELAMAR(E), Francis  (c1695 -1741?)  NC


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DEMAREST, David (1620-1695) NY

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DENISON,  George  (1618-1694)  CT

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P. 3.

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New London, CT: Press of the Day Publishing Co., 1900.  Return to index

DENSON, William  (c100-1675)  VA

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DENT,  John   (1640-1712)  MD

            Archives of Maryland. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1883-.
                   Vol. 13, p. 241.

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                    Press, Inc., 1963.

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Vol. 2, #9.  Published by St. Mary's Historical Society,
                    September, 1954. 

            Storck, Eleanor.  "John Dent".  Adventurers, Cavaliers, Patriots:
                    Ancestors Remembered
.  Published by the NSCDA in the State
                    of Maryland, 1994.  Return to index

DEROSSET,  Dr. Armand John  (1695-1760)  NC

            deRosset Family Papers I (1588-1863) (214-A) and
            deRosset Family Papers II (1729-1935) (214-B)
                    (Original unpublished works available to the public in Southern
                     Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina, Chapel
                     Hill, NC.)

            James Sprunt Studies in History and Political Science.  Vol. 24, No 2.
                    Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1941.

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                   Columbia, SC:  R. AL. Bryan Company, 1906.

            Strong, Ludlow Potter.  List of Direct Descendants of the deRosset Family.
                   Wilmington, NC:  compiled 1947-1948 and privately printed by the
                   author,  assisted by various descendants, to supplement the Annals of the
                   deRossetsReturn to index.

DEW, Thomas II  (c1600-1691)  VA

Hotten, John C. The Original List of Persons of Quality 1600-1700. London, New York: Empire State Book Co., Chatto and Windus, 1874; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1974. P. 109. (;; http://ebooks.library.ualberta.ca

Leonard, Cynthia Miller. The General Assembly of Virginia, July 30, 1619-January 11, 1978: a Bicentennial Register of Members. Richmond: Published for the General Assembly of Virginia by the Virginia State Library, c1978. P. 29-30.  Return to index.

DEWEY,  Thomas  (1640-1690)  MA

            Anderson, Robert Charles.  The Great Migration Begins: immigrants
                    to New England: 1620-1633. 
Boston, MA: New England
                    Historic Genealogical Society, 1995, 1998. Vol 1:539.

            Boltwood, Lucius M.  History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas
                    Noble of Westfield, Massachusetts
.  Hartford, CT: originally
                    published, 1878.  p. 198-9,224,339,269.

            Dewey, Adelbert.  Life of George Dewey, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., and Dewey
                    Family History.  Westfield, MA:  Dewey Publishing Co., 1898.
                            [The book is in two sections: the first part (and title) tells
                            about Admiral George Dewey who is known for saying,
                            "You may fire when ready, Griddley."; the second part is a
                            genealogical study of the whole family from Thomas'
                            arriving on these shores in about 1630 up until its publication
                            in the late 1800s.]

            White, Lorraine Cook, ed.  The Barbour collection of Connecticut town
                    vital records.
  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994.
                    Return to index.

DE WITT, Captain Jacob Rutsen  (1729-1792)  NY

            Anjou, GustaveUlster County, New York. Probate Records in the
                    Office of the Surrogate and in the County Clerk's Office at 
                    Kingston, New York.
  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1996.
                    Return to index.


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