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DOBYNS, Daniel  (1650-1712)  VA

Abstracts of Wills, Edgefield, County, South Carolina Albany, GA: Delwyn Associates, c1973.

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DODGE,  William  (1640-1720)  MA

            Dodge, Joseph T.  Genealogy of the Dodge family of Essex County,
                    Massachusetts, 1629-1894.
 Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Co.,
                    Printer, 1894.  Return to index.

DONELSON, Colonel John  (1720-1785)  VA

            Armstrong, Zella and Jamie Preston Collup French.  Notable Southern
Vol II, 1922.  Chattanooga, TN:  Lookout, 1918-1933.  6v.

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             Mullin, Marsha A.  "Donleson Family Group Sheet."  Nashville, TN:  The

              Tennessee, the Volunteer State, Vol. II.  Chicago and Nashville, TN:  The
                    S. J. Publishing Co., 1923.  Return to index.

DONIPHAN, Sir Alexander  (1650-1716)  VA

             Hamilton, Frances Frazee, Our Family.  Greenfield, IN:  William Printing Co.,
                    1928.  A 700 page book researched about the Doniphan, Frazee, and
                    Allied families, with 600 illustrations, copies of portraits, homes and
                    Ancestral coats-of-arms.  Limited edition, privately published.  One is
                   available in the Indiana Historical Society Archives. 
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DONNELL, Thomas  (1712-1795)  NC

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DORSEY, Colonel Edward  (1652-1705)  MD

            Bulkley, Caroline Kemper.  "The Identity of Edward Dorsey I",  The
                    Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume 33
, 1938.  Return to index 

DORSEY, Hon. John  (1736-1810)  MD

            Papenfuse, Edward C., ...  A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland
                    Legislature 1635-1789
.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University,

            __________________.  Directory of Maryland Legislators, 1635-1789.
                    Annapolis, MD: Maryland Bicentennial Commission, 1974.
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DOTY,  Edward  (c.1599-1655)  MA

            Arber, Edward.  The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers.  Boston: Houghtin,
                   Mifflin, 1897.

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                    Edward Doty, an emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620
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                    Deaths, Burials, and other Records, 1633-1689.
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.

            Whittemore, Henry.  The Signers of the Mayflower Compact and their 
.  New York: Mayflower Publishing, 1899. Return to index

DOWNING, John  (? - 1698)  VA

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History of Audrain County, Missouri. St. Louis, MO: National Historical Co., 1884. P. 897.

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DRAKE, Jonathan  (c1690-c1732)  SC

Salley, A. S.  Journal of the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly. 1719/20.  (May be difficult to locate a copy.)

Simms, William Gilmore. The Simms History of South Carolina. Columbia, SC: The State Co., 1917. P. 62.  Return to index

DRAYTON,  John  (1713-1779)  SC

Bull, Henry DeSaussure. The Family of Stephen Bull of Kinghurst Hall, County Warwick, England, and Ashley Hall, South Carolina, 1600-1960. Georgetown, SC: Winyah Press, 1961. P. 63.

" The Draytons of South Carolina and Philadelphia". Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Vol. 8, no. 1 (March 1921) p. 9.

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"Records Kept by Colonel Isaac Hayne". South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Vol. 10 (1909), p. 228; vol. 11 (1910), p. 105.

Salley, A. S. Marriage Notices in the South Carolina Gazette and Its Successors, 1702-1801.  Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, Pub., 1902; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1976.  P. 60. (http://

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DU BOIS,  Louis  (1626-1693)  NY

            Baird, Charles W.  History of Huguenot Emigration to America.  New York:
                    Dodd, Mead & Co., 1885, Vol I.

            Heidgerd, William.  The American Descendants of Chretien Du Bois of
                    Wicres, France. 
New Paltz, NY: Huguenot Historical Society, 1968,
                    Vol. VIII.

            LeFevre, Ralph.  History of New Paltz, New York and its Old Families
                    (from 1678 to 1820).
  Albany, NY: Fort Orange Press, 1909.  Return to index

DU BOSE, Isaac  (1735-1816)  SC

Daughters of the American Revolution. Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor's Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 4 vol. in 2. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1988, c1916-1940. 

Rogers, Rachel Emmeline Peeples. Our Peeples Family ("Just Among Ourselves"): a Genealogy of the Descendants of William Peeples and Wife Rebecca Johnson. Atlanta, 1953. P. 26-28, 145-148.
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DU PRE, Josias, Jr.  (bef 1679-     )  SC

Cannon, Margaret H. South Carolina Genealogies.  Spartanburg, SC: Published in Association with the South Carolina Historical Society by Reprint Co., 1983. Vol. 2, p. 12-123.

Salley, A. S. Journal of His Majesty's Council for South Carolina May 29, 1721-June 10, 1721. Atlanta, GA: Printed for the Historical Commission of South Carolina by Foote & Davies Co., 1930.  P. 13.

           Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. Vol. 5 (1897), p. 25.
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DUDLEY,  Thomas  (1576-1653)  MA

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Massachusetts in New England: from the Norman Conquest to the
                   Present Time.
New York: Printed for the Author, 1862.

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Dudley - Wiggin and Some of Their Descendants. 1992. 

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  Wakefield, MA:  Dean Dudley, 1886-1894.

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Study of House-Lots to Determine the Location of Their Homes, and the
                    Exercises at the Dedication of Tablets, July 31, 1902. Proceedings at
                    the Annual Meeting Dec. 1, 1902.
Salem, MA: Salem Press Co., 1903.

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                    governor of Massachusetts.
  Boston & New York:  Houghton, Mifflin
                    & Company, 1899.

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Massachusetts Bay Colony. Governor Thomas Dudley Family Association,

            New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 66:340.
Published quarterly under the direction of The New England Historic
                    Genealogical Society. Boston: S.G Drake, 1853- .

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Colony of Massachusetts; ed. by Charles Deane. Cambridge [MA]:
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Vol. 1: Governor Dudley and Descendants Through Five Generations.
                    2nd. ed. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 2004.

            Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Ancestry of Governor Thomas Dudley.
Peterborough, NH: Sim's Press, 1962.
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DUNGAN,  Thomas  (   -c.1634)  RI

            Austin, John Osborne.  The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island:
                    comprising three generations of settlers who came before 1690 
                    (with many families carried to the fourth generation).
                    Printed by J. Munsell's Sons, 1887, c1885. Baltimore: Genealogical
                    Publishing Co., 1978.

            Justice, Alfred Rudulph.  Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and
                    Dungan Genealogy.
  Philadelphia: Franklin Printing, 1922.   Return to index

DUNHAM, Deacon John  (c.1589-1668/9)  MA

            Dunham, Isaac Watson.  Dunham Genealogy: English and American
                    Branches of the Dunham Family
.  Norwich, CT: Bulletin Print, 1907.
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DURANT, George  (1632-1692)  NC

            Schoenbaum, Thomas J.  Islands, Capes and Sounds, the North Carolina
.  Winston-Salem:  John Blair Publisher, 1988.

            Winslow, Mrs. Watson.  History of Perquimans County, North Carolina.
Baltimore: Regional Publishing Co., 1974. Return to index

DWIGHT, Captain Timothy  (c.1630-1718)  MA

            Dwight, Benjamin W.  History of the Descendants of John Dwight of
                    Dedham, Massachusetts.
  New York: John F. Trow and Son, Printers
                    and Book Binders, 1874.  Vol I - pages 102-6, 2nd generation; Capt.
                    Timothy Dwight  page 108; Vol II - page 1114, "Odds and  Ends".
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