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GREEN,  Farnifold  (1676-1714)  NC

            Abee, Blanche Humphrey.  Colonists of Carolina in the lineage of Hon.
                    W.D. Humphrey
.  Richmond, VA:  The William Byrd Press, Inc.,

            Saunders, William L. (ed.).  The Colonial Records of North Carolina.  
                   10 vols.  Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer to the State,
                   1886-1890. Continued as the State Records of North Carolina,
                   v. 11-26.    Vol I,  p.879.  Return to index.

GREEN,  James  (1626-1671)  RI

            Austin, John Osborne.  The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island:
                    comprising three generations of settlers who came before 1690 
                     (with many families carried to the fourth generation).
                     Printed by J. Munsell's Sons, 1887, c1885.

            Mackenzie, George Norbury (ed).  Colonial Families of the United States
                    of America, in which is given the history, genealogy and armorial
                    bearings of colonial families who settled in the American colonies
                    from the time of the settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to
                    the battle of Lexington, 19th April, 1775. 
New York, Boston: 
                    The Grafton Press, 1907-20.  Reprinted Baltimore: Genealogical
                    Publishing Co., 1966.  Return to index.

GREEN, Nathaniel  (1721-1791)  MA

             Weis, Frederick Lewis, The Colonial Clergy and the Colonial Churches of
                    New England. 
Lancaster, MA:  1936.  Return to index.

GREEN, Dr. Samuel  (1707-1771)  NC

            Cope, Gilbert.  Genealogy of the Sharpless Family: descended from John
                    and Jane Sharples, settlers near Chester, Pennsylvania, 1682...and
                    a full report of the bicentennial reunion of 1882.
  Philadelphia: for
                    the family, under the auspices of the Bicentennial Committee, 1887.

            Keller, Ida and Elizabeth McKoy.  St. James Church, Wilmington, North
                    Carolina: Historical Records, 1737-1852
.  Wilmington, NC: 
                    Mimeographed by Ida B. Kellam, 1965.  Return to index.

GREENBERRY,  Colonel Nicholas  (c.1627-Dec. 17, 1697)  MD

            Goldsborough, Patricia.  "Colonel Nichols Greenberry (1627-1697)".
                    Adventurers, Cavaliers, Patriots: Ancestors Remembered.
                    Published by the NSCDA in the State of Maryland, 1994.          

            Stevenson, Howard G.  Griffith Family.  Isaac Upham Co., 1927.
                    Return to index.

GREENE,  John  (1597-1658)  RI

            Clarke, Louise Brownell.  The Greenes of Rhode Island, with Historical
                    Records of English Ancestry...
  New York: New England Historic
                    Genealogical Society, 1903.    Return to index.

GRIMBALL,  Paul  (c.1650-1695)  SC

            Commissions and Instructions from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to
                    Public Officials of South Carolina,
p. 7, 85.  Columbia, SC:  Printed
                    by the State Co., 1916.

            Hasell, Annie Baynard.  Baynard: An Ancient Family Bearing Arms. 
                   Columbia, SC:  R. L. Bryan Company, 1972.

            Miller, Annie Elizabeth.  Our Family Circle.  Macon, GA:  J. W. Burke
                 Company, 1931.

            Salley, A.S., Jr.  Records in the British Public Record Office Relating to
                    South Carolina, 1663-[17]16.
1685-1690, p.337; 1691-1697, p.
                    112-113; 1687, p.227.  Atlanta, GA: Printed for the Historical
                    Commission of South Carolina by Foote & Davies Company,

            Salley, A. S., ed.,  revised by R. Nicholas Olsberg.  Warrants for Lands
                    in South Carolina 1672-1711
,  pp.159-196, 1680-1692.  Columbia,
                    SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1973. 

           South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazines.  Vols. VIII, XI, XII,
                  XX, XXIII, XXIX, and XXXII. 

            Willis, Anne Willingham.  A Family History.  Rome, GA: Willis, 1946.
                             Return to index.

GRIMBALL,  Thomas  (___ - ___)  SC

            Salley, A.S.  Journal of His Majesty's Council for South Carolina,
                    29 May 1721 - 20 June 1721
, p.13.  Atlanta, GA: Printed for
                    The Historical Commission of South Carolina by Foote & Davies
                    Company, 1930.  Return to index.

GRIMES, Demsie  (1730-1787)  NC

            Saunders, William L. (ed.).  The Colonial Records of North Carolina.
                    10 vols.  Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer to the State,
                    1886-1890.  Vol. VI, 1007.  Vol. X, 37, 61, 62, 295.
                         (Note alternate spellings: Demsey, Demsy.) Return to index.

GRISWOLD,  Edward  (1607-1691)  CT

            Jacobus, Donald Lines; and Edgar Francis Waterman.  The Waterman Family:
                    descendants of Robert Waterman of Marshfield, Massachusetts
                    through seven generations,
Vol 1.  New Haven, CT: Waterman, 1939,
                    1942, 1954.  3v.  Return to index.


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