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HATCHER, William   (1613-1678)   VA

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                    Bartow, 1823.

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Richmond: Order of First Families of Virginia, 1956.

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                    Bicentennial Register of Names.
Richmond: Published for the General
                    Assembly by the Virginia State Libary, 1978. P. 24, 27, 29, 35.

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                    Patents and Grants
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 America, Vol. 3:  The Family of Benjamin Hatcher (1644-1728),
Fourth Son of William Hatcher, "The Immigrant."
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Robert E. Hatcher, 2000.  P.  1, 1051.

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 Richmond, VA: B.B. Weisiger, 1986.  P. 14.
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HATHAWAY,  Ebenezer  (1689-1768)  MA

            Massachusetts Town and Vital Records Transcripts, Taunton 1638-1849.
                    Oxford, MA: Holbrook Research Institute, 2000. Return to index

HATHAWAY,  JOHN  (1629-1705)  MA

            Shurtleff, Nathaniel B.  Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New
Boston:  The Commonwealth, 1855-1856.

            Versailles, Elizabeth Starr.  Hathaways of America.  Northampton (?), MA:
                    Sponsored by Hathaway Family Association, 1965.  Return to index

HAWKINS,  John  (c.1670-1726)  VA

            Leonard, Cynthia M.  The General Assembly of Virginia, July 30, 1619 -
                    January 11, 1978: A Bicentennial Register of Members.
                    Virginia State Library, 1978.

            Wulfeck, Dorothy.  Hawkins of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Kentucky;
                    court records, queries, brief lineages, genealogical notes
                    Naugatuck, CT:  Wulfeck, 1962 (?).  Return to index

HAWKINS I,  Thomas  (of age 1622 - c.1635)  VA

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                    City, CA: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1960.

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                    a comprehensive listing compiled from English public records,

                    Vol I.  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987.

            Hening, William Waller.  The Statutes at Large; being a collection of all
                    the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the legislature, in the
                    year 1619,
Vol I.  Richmond: Printed by and for Samuel Pleasants, 
                    junior, printer to the Commonwealth, 1809-23.  13v.

            Leonard, Cynthia M.  The General Assembly of Virginia, July 30, 1619 -
                    January 11, 1978: A Bicentennial Register of Members.
                    Virginia State Library, 1978.

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.  Third Edition. 
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            Nugent, Nell Marion.  Cavaliers & Pioneers: abstracts of Virginia land
                    patents and grants abstracted and indexed by Nugent.
.."  Patent 
                    book 1, Part I.  Richmond: Virginia State Library and Archives,
                    1992- .  Return to index

HAWLEY, Joseph  (1603-1690)  CT

            Gold, Theodore S.  Historical Records of the Town of Cornwall,
                   Litchfield Co., Connecticut
.  Hartford, Conn.:  Case, Lockwood
                   and Brainard Co., 1877.  Return to index

HAY,  Colonel Ann Hawke[s]  (1745-1785)  NY

            Abbat, William; John Hart; and Charles A. Campbell.  The Crisis of the 
                    Revolution; being the story of Arnold and Andre, now for the first
                    time collected from all sources, and illustrated with views of all
                    places identified with it..
.    New York:  W. Abbatt, 1899.

            Colcock, Charles Jones.  The Family of Hay; a history of the progenitors
                    and some South Carolina descendants of Col. Ann Hawkes Hay,
                    with collateral genealogies, A.D. 500-1908
.  New Orleans:  Pelican
                    Publishing Co., 1959 2nd edition, 1908.  

            Koke, Richard J.  Accomplice in Treason; Joshua Hett Smith and The 
                    Arnold Conspiracy
.  Forge Village, MA: Printed by the Murray
                    Printing Company for the New York Historical Society, 1973.
                           [Smith was Hay's brother-in-law.]

            Paulding, James Kirke.  A Life of Washington.  New York: Harper & 
                    Brothers, 1835. Return to index

HAYMOND,  Jr.,  Captain William  (1740-1821)  VA

            Gwathmey, John H.  Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution:
                    soldiers, sailors, marines.
  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.,
                    1987.  (Originally published: 1938)  Return to index

HAYNES, John I  (1594-1654)  CT

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HAYNIE/HANEY,  Captain John  (c.1624-1697)  VA

            Stanard, William G. and Mary Newton Stanard.  The Colonial Virginia
                    Register: a list of governors, councilors and other higher officials..
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965, 1902.  Return to index

HAYWOOD,  John  (1685-1758)  NC

            Saunders, William L. (ed.).  The Colonial Records of North Carolina. .
                    Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer to the State, 1886-1890.  10v.
                    Reprinted, Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot, 1993.  10v.   Return to index


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