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HICKS,  Thomas (1725-1797)  NC

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HIGLEY, Captain John  (1649-1714) CT

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                    The Abigail Phelps Chapter Daughters of The American Revolution
                    Simsbury, Connecticut, 1931.  (Republished 1974)
                            (a recognized reference book for historians and genealogists)

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Albany: J. Munsell Co., 1871.  Also, Baltimore:
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3rd ed.  Grantsville, UT: GS Higley, 1963.
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Hartford:  Case, Lockwood
                    and Brainard, 1891.

            Vibert, William M.  Three Centuries of Simsbury 1670-1970.  Simsbury:
                    Simsbury Tercentenary Committee, Inc., 1970.  Return to index

HILL, Abraham  (1732-1792)  NC

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the American Revolution, 1901-1970.  Vol. 5, 8.

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                    A. Dodd, 1918. Vol. 2. Return to index

HILL,  Captain Benjamin  (      -c.1753)  NC

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                    supervision of the trustees of the public libraries by order of the General
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HILL,  Jr.,  Clement  (1670-1743)  MD

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                     genealogical and biographical history of some of Prince George's 
                     County, Maryland and allied families.  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing
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                    Ancestors Remembered
.  Baltimore: The National Society of The Colonial
                    Dames of America in Maryland, 1994.  Return to index

HILLIARD, Oliver  (1708-1792)  RI

             Smith, Joseph Jencks.  Civil and Military List of Rhode Island: Vol. 1. 1647-
  Providence: Preston and Rounds, 1900. p. 112.  Return to index

HINCKLEY,  Thomas  (1620-1705)  MA

            Groves, Marlene Alma Hinckley.  Hinckleys of Maine.  Rockland, ME:
                    Penobscot Press, 1993.
                           (The ancestry and descendants of Samuel Hinckley of Brunswick,
                             Maine.)   Return to index

HINTON,  Colonel John  (c.1720-1784)  NC

            Saunders, William L. and Walter Clark (eds.).  The Colonial Records of
                    North Carolina. 
Vols 4, 14.   Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer
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                    trustees of the public libraries by order of the General Assembly. 
                    Reprinted, New York, AMS Press, 1968-78. 30v.   

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                    P. M. Hale, 1886-1890; Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Pub., 1993. Vol. 10,
                    p. 166, 168.  Return to index

HITE,  Jost  (1685-1761)  VA

            Jones, Jr, Henry Z. and Ralph Conner and Klaus Wurst.  German Origins of
                    Jost Hite, Virginia Pioneer 1685-1761.
  Edinburg, VA: Shenandoah
                    History, 1979.

Mackenzie, George Norbury. Colonial Families of the United States of America, In Which is Given the History, Genealogy, and Armorial Bearings of Colonial Families Who Settled in the American Colonies from the Time of the Settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to the Battle of Lexington, 19th April, 1775. New York, Boston: The Grafton Press, 1907-20; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966, 1995.

            Norris, J.E. (ed).  History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley; counties of
                    Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson and Clarke, their early settlement
                    and progress to the present time.
  Chicago:  A. Warner, 1890.
                    [Reprinted, Berryville, VA: Virginia Book Company, 1972.]   Return to index


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