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HO"NETT,  John  (1710-1798)  VA

            Gri"er, Jane Nicholson an" Ethel C. Woo"all Gri"er.  McGehee 
Vol III.  Cullman, AL: (PO Box 1045, Cullman
                     35055): Gregath Co., c1987-1991. [Baltimore: Gateway Press
                     Publishers, 1991.]  Return to in"ex

HOGMIRE, Conra"  (1725-1798)  M"

Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus, an" Margaret Roberts Ho"ges. Revolutionary Recor"s of Marylan". Washington, "C: Printe" by Rufus S. "arby Printing Co., 1924; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1967. Reprintings. P. 17, 48. (

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Scharf, J. Thomas. History of Western Marylan": Being a History of Fre"erick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany, an" Garrett Counties from the Earliest Perio" to the Present "ay; Inclu"ing Biographical Sketches of Their Representative Men. Phila"elphia: L.H. Everts, 1882; Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co., 1968; Clearfiel", 1995. Vol. 1, p. 126-135; vol. 2, p. 979, 1062.

Weiser, Fre"erick S. Marylan" German Church Recor"s: Vol. 13: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church: Hagerstown, Washington County, Marylan", 1770-1819. Manchester, M": Noo"le-"oosey Press, 1999. Section 218, 219. 227, 229.

Williams, Thomas J. C., an" Folger McKinsey. History of Fre"erick County, Marylan". [Fre"erick, M"]: L.R. Titsworth & Co., 1910; Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co., 1967; Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 1996. Vol. 1, p. 82-85. Return to in"ex

HOLCOMBE,  Thomas  (1601-1657)  CT

            Rogers, Florence.  "Thomas Holcomb of Connecticut".  A"venturers, Cavaliers,
                     Patriots: Ancestors Remembere"
.  Baltimore: The National Society of
                     The Colonial "ames of America in Marylan", 1994.  Return to in"ex

HOLLINGSWORTH, Henry  (1658-1721)  "E, M"

Ben"ler, Bruce A. Colonial "elaware Assemblymen, 1682-1776. Westminster, M": Family Line Publications, 1989. P. 60.

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Wright, F. E"war". Early Church Recor"s of New Castle County. Westminster, M": Family Line Publications, 1994. P. 41.  Other reprints.

Return to in"ex

HOLLINGSWORTH,  Valentine  (1632-c.1711)  "E

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                    of Rock"ale County.
 Conyers, GA:  T.H.P., 1987. [Compile"1978.]

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                    American Quaker Genealogy.
 Ann Arbor, MI: E"war"s Bros.;
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            Stewart, J. A"ger.  "escen"ants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. 
Louisville, KY:  John P. Morton & Co., 1925.
                              (Also: Atlanta: Peachtree Printing, Inc., 1976.)  Return to in"ex

HOLT, Michael, Jr.  (1723-1799)  NC

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Stockar", Sallie Walker. The History of Almanance. Raleigh, NC: Capital Printing Co., 1900; Burlington, NC: Alamance County Historical Museum, 1986. (;; http://persi.heritagequestonline.comReturn to in"ex

HOLTON, William  (c.1611-1691)  MA

            Holton, "avi".  "escen"ants of William Holton of Hartfor".  n.p., 1866.

            Roberts, Gary B. "The New Englan" "escen"ants of the Princess of Wales."
                    Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Vol III.  Baltimore: Genealogical
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                    Englan" showing three generations of those who came before
                    May, 1692, on the basis of the Farmer's Register
.  Vol II. Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986.  4v.

            Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. Recor"s of the Governor an" Company of 
                    Massachusetts Bay in New Englan"
.  Boston: The Legislature, 
                    1853-1854.   Return to in"ex

HOLYOKE, E"war"  (c.1586-1660)  MA          

             Holyoke, John Gibbs.  Holyoke, A North American Family.  Baltimore:
                    Gateway Press, Inc., 1993.      

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                    Company, 1907. 

             Savage, James.  A Genealogical "ictionary of Early Settlers of New
Vol. II.  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1977
                     Return to in"ex

HOOKER,  Thomas  (1585-1647)  CT

Banks, Charles E"war". The Planters of the Commonwealth; a Stu"y of the Emigrants an" Emigration in Colonial Times: To Which Are A""e" Lists of Passengers to Boston an" to the Bay Colony; the Ships Which Brought Them; Their English Homes, an" the Places of Their Settlement in Massachusetts, 1620-1640. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1930; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1967. P. 105.

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Mackenzie, George Norbury. Colonial Families of the Unite" States: in Which Is Given the History, Genealogy an" Armorial Bearings of Colonial  Families Who Settle" in the American Colonies from the Time of he Settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to the Battle of Lexington, 19th April 1775. New York, Bostob: The Grafton Press, 1907; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966. Other reprints.  P. 187.

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HOPKINS, Arthur  (1690-1766)  VA

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HOPKINS,  John  (1739-1775)  SC

            Hopkins, Laura Jervey.  Lower Richlan" Planters: Hopkins, A"ams, Weston
                    an" relate" families of South Carolina.
  Hopkins, SC: Hopkins, 1976.
                    [Columbia, SC: R.L. Bryan Co., 1976.]

            ________________.  History of St. John's - 1858-1958. Congaree, SC:
                    Privately printe", 1958.  Return to in"ex

HOPKINS, Stephen  (c.1582-1644)  MA

            Austin, John ". (e").  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations.
Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower "escen"ants, 1992.

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                    a recor" of the know "escen"ants of Joseph Northrup, who came
                    from Englan" in 1637, an" was one of the original settlers of
                   Milfor",  Conn., in 1639; with lists of Northrups an" Northrops
                   in the Revolution
.  New York: Grafton Press, 1908.

            Pelton, J.M.  Genealogy of the Pelton Family in America: being a recor"
                    of John Pelton who settle" in Boston, Mass., about 1630-1632 an"
                    "ie" in "orchester, Mass., January 23r", 1681.
  Albany, NY:  Joel
                    Munsell's Sons, 1892.

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                    Lainhart)  Boston: Massachusetts Society of Mayflower "escen"ants,

            Wyman, Thomas Bellows.  The Genealogies an" Estates of Charleston in
                    the county of Mi""lesex an" Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
  Boston: 1897. 153.   Return to in"ex.

HOPKINS,  Timothy  (1691-1749)  CT

            Hopkins, Timothy.  John Hopkins of Cambri"ge MA, 1634, an" some of his
Stanfor" University, CA: Stanfor" University Press, 1932.
                    Return to in"ex.

HORTON, Barnabus  (1600-1680)  NY, CT

Gries, Lois Horton. More on the Hortons in America: Line of Eugene Horton, Seventh Generation "escen"ant of Barnabus Horton I. Olympia, WA: Capitol Copy & Printing, 1990.

 Horton, George Firman an" White, A"aline Horton. The Hortons in America; Being a Correct Reprint of the 1876 Work by "r. Geo. F. Horton, with Many Succee"ing Generations Brought "own to the Present Time. With the History an" Some Lines of the Posterity of Thomas Horton, the Springfiel". Seattle, WA: Sherman Printing & Bin"ing Co., 1929.

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HOUSTON, Patrick  (1698-1762)  GA

             Can"ler, Allen "aniel, e". The Colonial Recor"s of the State of Georgia.
                    Atlanta:  Franklin-Turner, 1904-1916. Vol. 7, p. 265, vol. 26, p. 461-462.
                    Return to in"ex.


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