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HOW,  Col.  Thomas   (1656-1733)  MA

            Hudson, Charles.  History of the town of Marlborough, Middlesex, County,
                    Massachusetts, from its first settlement in 1657 to 1861;
with a brief
                    sketch of the town of Northborough, a genealogy of the families in
                    Marlborough to 1800, and an account of the celebration of the two
                    hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town.  Boston:
                    Press of T. R. Marvin and Son, 1862.

            Journals of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, 1715-1717,
 (1919);  1718-1720 (1921).  Boston: The Massachusetts Historical
                    Society, 1919-  .

            Torrey, Clarence Almon.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985, 1991.

            Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts to the Year 1850.  Boston:
                    Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the
                    charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903. Return to index.

HOWARD,  Captain Cornelius  (1635-1680)  MD

            Newman, Harry Wright. Anne Arundel Gentry: a genealogical history of some
                    early families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland
.  Annapolis, MD:
                    H.W. Newman, 1970-79.  Revised and augmented.

            Newman, Harry Wright.  Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation.  Washington,
                    D.C.:  The Compiler, 1952.

            Rogers, Fred Blackburn (ed).  A Navy Surgeon in California, 1846-1847;
                    the journal of Marius Duvall
.  San Francisco: J. Howell, 1957. Return to index.

HOWE, Edward  (c.1575-1639)  MA

             Cowan, Maude Roberts.  Members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery
                    Company in the Colonial Period, 1638-1774; and, Members of the
                    General Court of Massachusetts Bay (1638), Comprising the Governor,
                    the Governor's Council, and Deputies to the General Court and
                    Clergymen who Preached Annual Election Sermons (1638-1774).
                    [Washington, DC]: National Society of Women Descendants of the
                    Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co., 1999.

             Shurtleff, Nathaniel B.  Records of the Governor and Company of the
                    Massachusetts Bay in New England.
  Boston: W. White, 1853-1854.
                    Vol. 1, p. 145, 185, 220, 227, 235-236, 250.

             Thompson, Ruth.  Genealogy of William Howe (c. 1540-1620) of
                    Buckinghamshire, England to William Glen Thompson (1930- ) of
                    Arnold, California, Through Edward Howe of Lynn, Massachusetts,
                    and Five Generations of the Howe Family in New York State: with
                    Collateral Lines of Allyn, Gilbert, Hemingway, Hubbard, Martsolf,
                    Newman, Pope, Rockwell, Sutliff and Thompson. 
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HOWELL, Sr,  Caleb  (c.1712 - before 1792)  NC

            Saunders, William L. (ed.).  The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol 5. 
                    Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer to the State, 1886-1890.  10v.
                    Reprinted, Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot, 1993.  10v.  Return to index

HOWELL,  Major Matthew  (1651-1706)  NY

            Howell, George Rogers. Early History of Southampton, L.I., 2nd ed.
                    Albany:  Weed, Parsons and Co., 1887.

            Pelletreau, William S.  A History of Long Island, Vol. II.  New York and
                    Chicago:  Lewis Publishing Co., 1905.  

            Thompson, Benjamin F.  History of Long Island, Vol II.  New York: Rob't
                    A. Dodd, 1918.  Return to index

HOWES, Thomas  (c1634-1676)  MA

Bodge, George M. Soldiers in King Philip's War; Being a Critical Account of That War, with a Concise History of the Indian Wars of New England from 1620-1677, Official Lists of the Soldiers from Massachusetts Colony Serving in Philip's War, and Sketches of the Principal Officers, Copies of Ancient Documents and Records Relating to the War, Also Lists of the Narraganset Grantees of the United Colonies, Massachusetts, Plymouth and Connecticut. Leominster, MA: Printer for the Author, 1892, 1896; Boston: Printed for the Author, 1906; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1976. P. 441, 455. (;

Deyo, Simeon L., and Charles Francis Swift. History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 1620-1637-1686-1890. New York: H. W. Blake, 1890.  P.564.  (

Howes, Joshua Crowell. Genealogy of the Howes Family in America. Descendants of Thomas Howes, Yarmouth, Mass., 1637-1892. With Some Account of English Ancestry. Yarmouthport, MA: Printed for the Author by F. Hallett, 1892. P. 7,10, 11, 14, 23, 39, 77, 133, 176.

Reid, Nancy. Dennis, Cape Cod: from Firstcomers to Newcomers, 1639-1993. Dennis, MA: Dennis Historical Society, 1996. P. 9, 10-11, 74, 85, 95, 121, 369, 617-618.

Savage, James, Dexter, O.P. and John Farmer. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of the Farmer's Register. Boston: Little Brown, and Co., 1860; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965. P.478. (;;

Smith, Leonard H., Jr. Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy; a Facsimile Edition of 108 Pamphlets Published in the Early 20th Century. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1992, 2004.  "Thomas Howes of Yarmouth, Mass., and Some of His Descendants, Together with the Rev. John Mayo, Allied to Him by Marriage." In Vol. 1, p. 421-9, and others. Return to index

HOWLAND, John   (c.1592 - 1673)  MA

            Anderson, Robert C.  The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New
  Vol I.  Boston: New England Historic Genealogical
                    Society, 1995-.

            Bradford, William.  Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646.
                    New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1908.

            King, Elizabeth White.  Descendants of Thomas White, Sudbury, Mass.,
                    Vol II. 
Baltimore:  Gateway Press, Inc., 1992.

            Mason, Alverdo Hayward.  Genealogy of the Sampson Mason Family.
East Braintree, MA:  Mason, 1902.    

            Roser, Susan E.  Mayflower Births and Deaths.  From the files of
                    George Ernest Bowman, at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower
                    Descendants.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992.

            ____________.  Mayflower Marriages.  From the files of George Ernest
                    Bowman, at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants.
                    Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990.

            Shaw, Hurbert Kinney.  Families of the Pilgrims.  Boston, MA:
                    Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1956.  

            Stratton, Eugene A.  Plymouth Colony: Its History and People, 1620-1691.
Salt  Lake City: Ancestry Publishing, 1986.

            White, Elizabeth Pearson assisted by Edwin Wagner Coles and Roberta
                   Gilbert Bratti.  John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol I.  Camden, ME:
                   Picton Press: 1990.  2v.
                        (The first five generations documented...through his second child
                         John Howland and his wife Mary Lee.)   Return to index

HOWLAND, Joseph  (c.1638-1704)  MA

            Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. (ed).  Records of the Colony of New Plymouth.
                    Boston: Publ. 1855-1861.  [Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1998]
                          (Also a related publication...Records of Plymouth Colony:
                           births, marriages, deaths, burials and other records,
Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.)  Return to index

HOYT,  David  (1651-1704)  MA

            Savage, James.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New
                    England showing three generations of those who came before
                    May, 1692, on the basis of the Farmer's Register
.  Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986.  4v. [Boston:  Little Brown and
                    Company, 1860-62.]

            Sheldon, George.  History of Deerfield, Massachusetts, Vol II.  Deerfield,
                    MA:  Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Inc., 1896.

            Torrey, Clarence Almon.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700
                   Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985, 1991.  Return to index

HUBBELL,  Gershom  (1729-1802)  CT

            Jacobus, Donald L.  History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield.
Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991.  Return to index

HUGER, John  (1744-1802)  SC

            Baird, Charles W., D.D.  History of the Huguenot Emigration to America.
                    Vol I and II.  New York: Dodd Mead & Company, 1885.

            Hirsch, Arthur Henry.  The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina
                    Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1928.

            Ravenel, Harriott Horry (Rutledge).  Charleston, the Place and the People.
                    New York: The Macmillan Company, 1906.  Return to index

HUGHES,  James  (       -1779)  PA

            McCullough, William Wallace.  John McCullough, Pioneer Presbyterian
                    Missionary and Teacher in the Republic of Texas.
  Austin:  The
                    Pemberto Press., 1966.  Return to index

HULL,  George  (   -1659)  CT

            Jacobus, Donald Lines.  History and Genealogy of the Families of Old
  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991.

            Savage, James.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New
                    England showing three generations of those who came before
                    May, 1692, on the basis of the Farmer's Register
.  Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986.  4v. [Boston:  Little Brown and
                    Company, 1860-62.] 

            Weygant,  C. H.  The Hull Family in America.  Hull Family Association,
                     1913.  Return to index

HUNNEWELL, Richard  (1645-1702)  MA

Eve, Eugenia Fitzsimons. A Genealogy of the Descendants of Elizabeth
Hammond, 1849-1941 and William Raiford Eve, M.D. 1847-1916:
of Augusta, Georgia, Beech Island and Beaufort County, S.C.

Lakeland, FL: E.F.Eve, 1973. P.. 1.

Hammond, Roland. A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of William
Hammond of London, England, and his wife Elizabeth Penn; Through
Their Son Benjamin of Sandwich and Rochester, Mass,., 1600-1894.

Boston: D. Clapp & Son, printers, 1894. p. 243.

Massachusetts. State Archives. Vol. 35, p. 82; vol. 70, 333.

Noyes, Sybil I., Charles Thornton Libby, and Walter Goodwin Davis. Genealogical
Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire.
Portland, ME: The Southworth-
AnthoensenPress, 1928-1939; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972, 1983. 
P. 362, 667.  Return to index

HUNT, Abraham  (1740-1921)  NJ

             Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the Council of Safety of the State of
                    New Jersey [1775-1776]
.  Trenton, NJ:  Printed by Naar, Day & Naar,
                    1879.  Return to index

HUNTINGTON,  Lt. Samuel  (1665-1717)  CT

            The Huntington Family in America: a Genealogical Memoir of the Known
                    Descendants of Simon Huntington from 1633 to 1915, Including
                    those who have Retained the Family Name, and many bearing other
  Hartford, CT:  Huntington Family Association, 1915.

            Vital Records of Norwich [Connecticut], 1659-1848.  Hartford: Society
                    of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut, 1913.  Return to index

HUSTON,  John  (? - 1758)  VA

            Campbell, Leslie Lyle.  The Houston Family in Virginia.  Lexington,
                    VA:  Edward Brothers, Inc., 1956.

            Huston, Cleburne.  Bold Legacy.  Stamford, TX:  Texian Press, 1968.
                    Return to index.

HYRNE, Edward  (unkown, in England - c.1711)  SC

            Salley, Alexander S.  Commissions and Instructions from the Lords
                    Proprietors of Carolina to Public Officials of South Carolina.

                    Columbia, SC:  The State Printing Co., 1916. LC 18027124.
                    Return to index.  


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