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JACK, James  (c1700-1776)  PA

History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania... Chicago:
Warner, Beers & Co., 1886. P. 318.
(, (

Pennsylvania Archives. Fifth Series. Harrisburg, PA: C. M. Busch.
Vol. 1 (1906), p. 24.

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Newville, Pa.: 1737-1898.
Newville, PA: Times Steam Print. House,
1898. Reprints. P.28, 29, 51.  (

Wright, F. Edward. Abstracts of Cumberland County Wills, 1750-1785.
Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications, 1992; Willow Bend Books,
1999. P. 48.
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JACQUELIN, Edward  (1668-1730)  VA

             Pecquet du Bellet, Louise.  Some Prominent Virginia Families.  Lynchburg,
                    VA:  J.P. Bell Co., Inc., 1907   Return to index.

JAMES, John  (c1728-after 1794)  NC

McEachern, Leora H., and Isabel M. Williams, eds. Wilmington-New Hanover
Safety Committee Minutes, 1774-1776.
Wilmington: Wilmington-New
Hanover County American Revolution Bi-centennial Association, 1974,
1844.   Return to index.

JAMES, Sr.,  Major John  (1732-1791)  SC

            Mills, Laurens Tenney.  A South Carolina Family: Mills - Smith and related
Hawes &  Norton, c1960.  Return to index.

JAMESON, Captain Robert  (1698-1771)  PA

           Colonial Records of Pennsylvania.  Harrisburg, PA: T. Fenn, 1851-1853.  Vol.
                    1, p. 96, 125, 169.

            Jameson, E.O.  The History Of Medway, Mass. 1713-1885.  Providence:  J.A.
                   and R.A. Reid Publishers, 1886.

           Jameson, E.O.  The Jamesons in America, 1647-1900.  Boston, MA and
                    Concord, NH:  Rumford Press, 1901.  

             Proud, Robert.  The History of Pennsylvania, in North America, From the
                    Original Institution and Settlement of That Province Under the First
                    Proprietor and Governor, William Penn, in 1681 Till After the Year
.  Philadelphia: Z. Poulson, 1797-98; Spartanburg, SC: Reprint Co.,
                    1967. Vol. 1, p. 361.  Return to index.

JANNEY,  Thomas  (1633-1696/97)  PA

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                    Vol 6.  Ann Arbor: Edwards Brothers, 1936-1977.

            The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 26, Vol 27.
                    Philadelphia:  The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1877-  . V.1-86
                    (1877-1962); V.87 no.1; V.88-120 (1963-1996); V.122-124
                    (1998-2000); V.76-123 index; V.25 (2001). Return to index.

JARVIS,  Thomas  (  ___ - 1694)  NC

            Connor, Robert Digges Wimberley and William Kenneth Boyd and Joseph
                    Joseph Hamilton.  History of North Carolina, Vol 1.  (Connor:  The
                    Colonial and Revolutionary Periods; Boyd: The Federal Period;  Hamilton:
                    North Carolina since 1860.)  Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1919.
                    Reprinted, Spartanburg, SC: Reprint Company, 1973.

            Crabtree, Beth G.  North Carolina Governors, 1585-1974; brief sketches.
                    Raleigh: Division of Archives and History, Department of Cultural Affairs,

           Saunders, William L. and Walter Clark (eds.).  The Colonial Records of
                    North Carolina.
   Originally published, Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others),
                    Printer to the State, 1886-1890. 10v.  Published under the supervision of the
                    trustees of the public libraries by order of the General Assembly. 
                    Reprinted, New York, AMS Press, 1968-78. 30v.  Return to index.

JAY, John  (1745-1829)  NY

Stahr, Walter. John Jay: Founding Father. New York: Hambledon and London:
Distributed in the U.S. by Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

Van Rensselaer, Florence. The Livingston Family in America and Its Scottish
New York: s.n., 1949.  (;

Wells, Laura Jay. The Jay Family of La Rochelle and New York, Province and
State, a Chronicle of Family Tradition.
[New York: Printed for the Order of
Colonial Lords of Manors in America by the J.B.Watkins Co., 1938]

Note: Many titles have been written about John Jay. Check with your local library. Return to index.

JEFFERSON, Thomas  (1743-1826)  VA

            References.    Return to index.

JEFFERSON II, Captain Thomas  (1677-1730/1)  VA

            References.    Return to index. 

JENKINS, Governor John  (     - 1681)  NC

            Ashe, Samuel A., ed.  Biographical History of North Carolina from
                    Colonial times to the present.
  Greensboro, NC:  C.L. Van
                    Noppen, 1905.

            ___________.  History of North Carolina.  Spartanburg, SC:  Reprint
                    Co., 1971, c.1908-25.  2v.

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Raleigh: Division of Archives and History, Department
                    of Cultural Resources, 1974.

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                    Genealogical Register
, Vol III.  3 v.  Baltimore: Genealogical
                    Publishing Co., 1970-71.

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                    southern state: North Carolina
.  Chapel Hill, NC:  University of 
                    North Carolina Press, 1954.

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                    of documents, 1664-1675
.  Raleigh: State Department of Archives
                    and History, 1958.

            Saunders, William L.  The Colonial records of North Carolina. 10 v.
                   Wilmington, NC:  Broadfoot, 1993. 

            Windborne, Benjamin Brodie.  The Vaughan Family of Hertford County,
  Raleigh, NC:  Edwards Broughton printing company, 1909.
                    Return to index.

JENKINS, Jr.,  Joseph  (c.1753-1790)  SC

            "Jenkins Family,"  The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical
, XX.  Charleston, SC: South Carolina Historical Society.
                    p. 228.    LC sf85007049.

            "Seabrook Family,"  The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical
, XVII.  Charleston, SC: South Carolina Historical Society.
                    p. 62.    LC sf85007049.

            "Epitaphs, Cypress Trees Plantation, Edisto Island,"  The South Carolina
                    Historical and Genealogical Magazine
, XL.  Charleston, SC: South
                    Carolina Historical Society.  p.109.    LC sf85007049.   Return to index.

JENNY,  John  (c.1590-1644)  MA

            Anderson, Robert Charles.  The Great Migration Begins: immigrants
                    to New England. 
Vol II.  Boston: New England Historic
                    Genealogical Society, 1995, 1998.

            Stratton, Eugene A.  Plymouth Colony, Its History and People, 1620-1691.
Salt  Lake City: Ancestry Publishing, 1986.

            Torrey, Clarence Almon.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700
                     Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985, 1991.

            Whitmore, William Henry.  Massachusetts Civil List for the colonial 
                    and provincial periods, 1630-1774: being a list of the names 
                    and dates of appointment of all the civil officers constituted by
                    authority of the charters or the local governments
.  Albany:  J.
                    Munsell, 1870.  Return to index.

JEWETT, Joseph  (1609-1661)  MA            

Jewett, Frederic Clarke. History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America.
Rowley, MA: Jewett Family of America, 1908, 1995; New York: Grafton Press, 1908; Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1992. Vol. 1, p. 13-17. 

Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of the Farmer's Register. Boston: Little, Brown, 1860-62, 1884; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965. Vol. 2, p. 548. 

Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Boston: W. White, 1853-54. Vol. 3, p. 220, 259, 297.  Return to index.

JEWETT,  Maximilian  (1607-1684)  MA

            Jewett, Frederic C;  Theodore Victor Herrmann; Alicia Crane Williams.
                    History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America: a record of Edward
                    Jewett, of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and of his
                    two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, settlers
                    of Rowley, Mass., in 1639... 
 Rowley, MA: The Jewett family of
                    America, 1908, 1995. Return to index.


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