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JOHNSON,  Captain Edward  (1598-1672)  MA

            Burke, Bernard, Sir.  Burke's American Families with British ancestry:
                    the lineages of 1,600 families of British origin now resident in the
                    United States of America.
  Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.,

            Johnson, Alfred.  History and genealogy of one line of descent from Captain
                    Edward Johnson, together with his English ancestry.
                    published by the author at the Stanhope press, 1914.

            Johnson, Edward.  A History of New-England. From the English planting in
                    the yeere 1628 untill the yeere 1652.  Declaring the form of their
                    government, civill, military, and ecclesiastique.  Their wars with the
                    Indians, their troubles with the Gortonists, and other heretiques.
                    Their manner of gathering of churches, the commodities of the
                    country, and description of the principall towns and havens, with
                    the great encouragements to increase trade betwixt them and old
                    England.  With the names of all their governours, magistrates,
                    and eminent ministers. 
London: Printed for Nathaniel Brooke, 1654.

           Johnson, Edward.  Wonder-working Providence of Sions Savior in New
.  Andover, MA: W.F. Draper, 1867.

            Sewall, Samuel.  The History of Woburn, Middlesex County, Mass., from
                    the grant of its territory to Charlestown, in 1640, to the year 1860.

                    Boston: Wiggin and Lunt, 1868. 

             Shurtleff, Nathaniel B.  Records of the Governor and Company of the
                    Massachusetts Bay in New England.
  Boston: W. White, 1853-1854.
                    Vol. 1, p. 145, 185, 220, 227, 235-236, 250.  Return to index. 

JOHNSON, Sir Nathaniel  (1644-1712)  SC

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JOHNSTON, Jr., Jacob  (1744-1808)  NC       

Johnston, Coy K. William Johnston of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and His Descendants, 1648-1964; a Genealogical Study of One Branch of the Family in the South. West Hartford, CT: Johnston, 1965.

             Saunders, William L. (ed.).  The Colonial Records of North Carolina..
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                    Reprinted, Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot, 1993.  10v.  Return to index.

JONES, Rev. John  (1593-1665)  CT

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JONES,  Captain Nathaniel  (1749-1815)  NC

            Saunders, William L. and Walter Clark (eds.).  The Colonial Records of
                    North Carolina.
  Vol IX.   Raleigh:  P. M. Hale (and others), Printer
                    to the State, 1886-1890 [10v].  Published under the supervision of the
                    trustees of the public libraries by order of the General Assembly. 
                    Reprinted, New York, AMS Press, 1968-78. 30v.  Return to index

JONES,  Major Peter  (c.1657-c.1687)  VA

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            Davis, T. Frederick.   History of Jacksonville, Florida and Vicinity-
.  Jacksonville, FL:  Pub.1926.

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P. 9-14, 25, 61, 84, 86, 89, 231.

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JONES II,  Peter  (c.1660-1726)  VA

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vol. 29 (1921), pp. 100, 101.

"Ward Family (concluded)". William and Mary Quarterly. Vol. 27 (1919), no. 4, p. 267.   Return to index.

JONES, Robert  (c.1709-c.1730)  VA

            "Genealogies of Virginia Families", Tyler's Quarterly Historical and
                    Genealogical Magazine, 
XXI, 130; XX, 247-249. Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1981.

            Stanard, William G. and Mary Newton (comp).  The Colonial Virginia
                    register: a  list of governors, councillors and other high officials,
                    and also of members of the House of Burgesses, and the
                    Revolutionary conventions of the colony of Virginia. 
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965. 104, 106. Session of 9 May
                    1723 and 12 May 1726.  Return to index.   

JONES, Jr.,  Robert Robin  (1718-1766)  NC

            Boddie, John Bennett.  Virginia Historical Genealogies.  Redwood City,
                    CA:  Pacific Coast Publisher, 1954.

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Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1971, 1989.  6v. 
                     Return to index.  

JONES,  Major Thomas  (1665-1713)  NY

            Jones, John H.   The Jones Family of Long Island.  New York:
                    Tobias A. Wright Publishers, 1907.  Return to index.

JONES,  Willie  (1741-1801)  NC

            Cotten, Elizabeth H.  The John Paul Jones - Willie Jones Tradition.  Chapel
                    Hill, NC: Heritage Printers, Inc. 1966.

            Powell, William S. (ed).  Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol 3,
                    H-K.  Chapel Hill and London: University of North Carolina Press, 1988.
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