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KEENE, John  (Justice and Captain)  (c.1657-1722)  MD

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                    founding of Maryland.
  Series II. Baltimore: H.G. Roebuck & Son., 
                    c1935-38.   Return to index

KENAN, James  (1740-1810)  NC

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KENNER, Captain Richard  (1636-1691)  VA

            "The Kenner Family".  William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. III,   1982.
                            (Genealogies of Virginia Families)  Return to index

KENNER, Rodman  (1671-1705)  VA

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            "The Kenner Family".  William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. III,  1982.
                            (Genealogies of Virginia Families)   Return to index

KENNON, Richard  (      -1696)  VA

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                   Columbus, GA: Columbus Office Supply Co., 1961. (Columbus, GA:
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                           (Includes the genealogy of descendants in both male and female
                           lines, biographical sketches of its members, and their descent
                           from other early Virginia families.)

            William and Mary College Quarterly: a magazine of early American
  Williamsburg: College of William and Mary.  Vols. III, XIV.
                    Return to index

KEY, John  (c.1696 - c.1769)  VA

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                    1941.  Reprint 1978.  pp. 120-121. Return to index


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