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KING,  David  (c.1726-1808)  MA

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            Roberts, Gary Boyd (ed).  English Origins of New England Families: from
                    the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1984.  Return to index

KING,  John  (1629-1703)  CT

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 England Historic Genealogical Society.
[Boston]: The Society, 1982. 

            Cowles, Ebenezer Corning.  A Partial Genealogical Data of E. Corning
                    Cowles' Progenitors and their Posterity, from Arrival in America to
 Lawrence, KS: (Privately printed.) Cowles, 1907.
                           [Includes lines of Cowles, Peck, King and Rhoades families.
                           Mention of Salisbury, Baily, Harvey and Smith families as well.]

Massachusetts. State Archives. Vol. 2, p. 70, 160, 209.

Temple, J. H., and George Sheldon. A History of the Town of Northfield,
Massachusetts for 150 Years, with an Account of the Prior Occupation
of the Territory by the Squakheags: and with FamilyGenealogies.

Albany, NY: J.Munsell, 1875. (
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KIRKBRIDE, Joseph  (1662-1737/38)  PA

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Wildmans, and Other Allied Families from Englandís North Counties
and Lower Bucks County of Pennsylavania.
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P. 152-153.            

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Volumes of Commissions, Leaming & Spicer, New Jersey Archives and
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[S.l.: s.n., 1800].  Liber C2 of
                     Commissions, p. 25.

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Vol. 1, BU 4A:1, p. 70-72. Return to index

KNOWLES,  Captain John  ( ____-1676)  VA

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KOLB, Abel  (1750-1781)  SC

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KUNDERS,  Thones  (c.1657-1729)  PA

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                    Author, 1933.

            Krefeld Immigrants and their Descendants.  Sacramento, CA: Links
                    Genealogy, 1984.   Return to index


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