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LIBBY, John  (1700-c1771)  MA

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LIDE, Captain Robert  (1734-1802)  VA

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LIGON,  Thomas  (c.1624-1676)  VA

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LILLINGTON,  John Alexander  (1720-1786)  NC

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                     Return to index.

LINDLEY, Judge John  (1694-1750)  NJ

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LIPPINCOTT, Freedom, of Bridgeboro  (1656-1697)  NJ

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LIPPINCOTT, Restore  (1653-1741)  NJ

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LIPPINCOTT, Richard  (1639-1683)  NJ

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LIVINGSTON, Philip  (1686-1749)  NY

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                    1976.  Return to index.  

LIVINGSTON, Robert  (1654-1728)  NY

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LLOYD, Governor Edward  (1670-1718)  MD

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LLOYD,  Thomas  (1640-1694)  PA

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Camden, NJ:  Printed by S. Chew, 1870.  Return to index.

LOCKE, John  (1627-1696)  NH

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                    Lockes of New Hampshire. 
Louisville, KY:  Breaux, 1947.

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                    and Phelix. 
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                    Family of John Locke of Hampton, NH. 
Boston: James Munroe and
                    Company, 1853.  Return to index.

LOFTIN (LAFTIN), Leonard  (1654-1720)  NC

            Isaiah Johnson Family Association.  The Leonard Loftin and Isaiah Johnson
                    families of eastern North Carolina
.  Kinston, NC: Isaiah Johnson
                    Family Association, s.d.  Return to index.

LOGAN, Francis  (1734-1826)  SC

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LOMBARD,  Solomon  (1581-1663)  MA

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                            (Reprint of articles from the Barnstable Patriot; originally
                             published in Barnstable, 1861.)

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LONG, Reuben  (1730-1792)  VA

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LOUGHTON,  Edward  ( ? -1707)  SC

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                    Return to index.

LOVE, Alexander  (1718-1784)  SC

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Philadelphia [Lancaster, PA, Wickersham Printing Co.] 1897;
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  Return to index.

LOVEJOY,  Abiel  (1731-1811)  MA

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                    1980.  Return to index.

LOXLEY, Benjamin  (1720-1801)  PA

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  Philadelphia: L. H. Everts, 1884. Vol. 1. p. 248,
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