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LUCKETT,  Captain William  (1711-1783)  MD

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                    Press, 1976.]

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                    Maryland, and some of descendants. 
Washington, D.C.: Newman,

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LUNDY, Richard  (1692-1772)  NJ

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_____________. Early Settlers in the Quaker Community of the Pequest River Valley, Allamuchy  New Jersey and Vicinity. [Morristown, NJ: S. Shepherd, 2000].  P. 1. Return to index

LYDDALL,  George  (c.1620 - 1705)  VA

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.  West Point, VA:  M.H.
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LYGON,  Thomas  (1623-1675)  VA

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Richmond, VA: The House, 1905-1913.
                    [Available on microfilm, published in Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources,
                    1985.]   Return to index.

LYNCH,  Colonel Charles  (c.1705-1753)  VA

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                    their Meeting House, 1754-1936.
  Lynchburg, VA:  Warwick House
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LYON, Henry  (1623-1703)  NJ

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.  Book 4, p. 273

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  Newark, NJ. 1925.  New Series, vol. 10, p. 331  Return to index.


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