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MACLIN,  John  (c.1717 - 1774)  VA

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                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966- .

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                    Maclin, Clack, Cocke, Carter, Taylor, Cross, Gordon and other
                    related American lineages.
  Nashville, TN:  McDaniel Printing Co.,

            Harllee, William Curry.  Kinfolks, a genealogical and biographical record
                    of Thomas and Elizabeth (Stuart) Harllee, Andrew and Agnes (Cade)
                    Fulmore, Benjamin and Mary Curry, Samuel and Amelia (Russell)
                    Kemp, John and Hannah (Walker) Bethea, Sterling Clack and
                    Frances (King) Robertson, Samuel and Sophia Ann (Parker) Dickey,
                    their antecedents, descendents, and collateral relatives
.  New Orleans:
                    Printed by Searcy & Pfaff, Ltd., 1934-37.

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            Wulfeck, Dorothy (Ford).  Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-
.  Naugatuck, CT:  Dorothy Wulfeck, 1961-67.  Return to index.

MACMURPHY,  Daniel  (1737-1819)  SC

            Carter, Mary.  American Revolutionary Patriots and Descendants.  Albany,
                    GA [PO Box 1028, Albany 31702]: Georgia Pioneers Publications,

            Dutcher, Salem and Charles C. Jones, Jr.  Memorial history of Augusta,
                    Georgia. From its settlement in 1735 to the close of the eighteenth
[by Charles C. Jones, Jr.]. From the close of the eighteenth
                    century to the present time
[by Salem Dutcher].  Spartanburg, SC:
                    Reprint Co., 1966. Return to index.

MACGREGOR, James  (1676?-1729)  NH 

            Parker, Edward L.  The History of Londonderry, Comprising the Towns
                  of Derry and Londonderry, NH
.  Boston:  Perkins and Whipple, 1851.
                  A facsimile edition was printed by the Town of Londonderry, 1974.

            Rev. James Macgregor.  Concord, NH: Asa McFarland, 1859.  "Collections of
                  the New Hampshire Historical Society."  Vol. 6.  Return to index.

MAGRUDER, Samuel  (1654-1711)  VA

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                    Descended from the Immigrants who Arrived Before 1700
.  Washington,
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MAN,  Reverend Samuel  (1647-1719)  MA

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                    Massachusetts (1642-1699).
  Boston:  Charles H. Pope, 1901.
                    Return to index.

MANIGAULT,  Gabriel  (1704-1781)  SC

            Pinckney, Elizabeth (ed).  Register of St. Phillip's Parish, 1810, 1822.
                    Charleston: The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in
                    the State of  South Carolina, private printing, 1973.

            The South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal:  July 9, 1748;
                    November 8, 1751;  November 14, 1754.  Charleston, SC:
                    T. Whitmarsh, 1732- .
                            (The South Carolina Gazette is kept in Charleston, SC by
                             the Historical Society of Charleston.)

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                    Charleston, SC:  South Carolina Historical Society, Walker, Evans
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                    Charleston, SC:  Walker, Evans and Cogswell., 1897.  p.56.
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MARIS (De MARIS), George  (1632-1705)  PA

Maris, George Lewis and Annie M. Pinkerton Maris. The Maris Family in the United States; a Record of the Descendants of George and Alice Maris, 1683-1885. West Chester, PA: [F. S. Hickman], 1885; Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 1990-1993?  P. 1.  (http//

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Wesley, Rusha. Our Quaker Ancestry: Adams, Cowperthwaite, Maris, Paxson, Pownal, Shotwell, Simcock, Waln, Webster. [S.l.: The author, 1945]  P. 48.   Return to index

MARSHALL, Thomas  (1730-1802)  VA

            Smith, Jean Edward.  John Marshall: Definer of a Nation.  New York:
                    H. Holt & Co., 1996.  Return to index.

MARTIAU, Nicholas  (1591-1657)  VA

             Davidson, Grace Gillam.  Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County.  Macon,
                    GA:  J. W. Burke, 1932. Vol. 2, p. 57.

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  Richmond, VA: B. Fleet, 1945, p. 73. (All Volumes reprinted
                    in 3 volumes: Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1988).

             History of Pulaski County, Georgia 1808-1835: Official History.  Comp.
                    by the Hawkinsville Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.
                    Atlanta: W. W. Brown [c. 1935]; Bicentennial Edition: Macon, GA:
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             Memoirs of Georgia; Containing Historical Accounts of the State's Civil,
                    Military, Industrial and Professional Interests and Sketches of Many
                    of Its People. 
Atlanta: Southern Historical Association.  1895. Vol. 1,
                    p. 373-374.

             Nugent, Nell Marion.  Cavaliers and Pioneers; Abstracts of Virginia Land
                    Patents and Grants, Vol. 1: 1623-1666.
Richmond, VA: Virginia
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                    Co., 1963, 1979, 1983; Richmond: Virginia State Library and Archives,
                    1992.)  p. 121.

             Pate, John Ben.  The American Genealogy of the Pate Family:  From Their
                    Landing in Virginia, 1650 to the Present Time, in our Line of
                    Descent, Including a Sketch of Their Origin and History in England,
                    Back to the Fifteenth Century, with a Description of the Pate Coat
                    of Arms. 
Amboy, GA: [s.n. 1915?] p. 8, 17.

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                    VA: J. P. Bell Col., 1907]; Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1976. Vol.
                     4, p. 4-5, 8-10.

             Sorley, Merrow Egerton.  Lewis of Warner Hall. The History of a Family,
Including the Genealogy of Descendants in Both the Male and Female
                    Lines, Biographical Sketches if Its Members, and Their Descent from
                    Other Early Virginia Families.
  [Columbia, MO: E.W. Stephens Co.,
                    1935, 1937]  Baltimore:  Genealogical Pub. Co.,1979, 1991, 2000. P.31,
                    32, 34, 36.

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                    Register: a List of Governors, Councilors, and Other Higher Officials.
Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1902, 1965, p. 53,57,59.

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             Young, Ida, Gholson, Julius & Hargrove, Clara Nell.  History of Macon,
  Macon, GA: Lyon, Marshall & Brooks.  p. 632-635.
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MARTIN, John  (1685-1756)  VA

Hardy, Stella Pickett. Colonial Families of the Southern States of America,
    A History and Genealogy of Colonial Families Who Settled in the
    Colonies Prior to the Revolution
.  New York:  Tobias A. Wright,
    1911; Baltimore: Southern Book Co., 1958; Baltimore: Genealogical
    Pub. Co., several reprints. P. 343, 368.

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Virkus, Frederick Adams, ed. The Compendium of American Genealogy. Chicago: The Institute of American Genealogy, 1942. Vol. 7. P. 544.
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MARTIN, Captain Joseph  (1740-1808)  VA

            Horton, Lucy Henderson.  Family History: Hughes, Dalton, Martin,
                    and Henderson Families.
  Franklin, TN:  Press of the News, 
                   1922.  Return to index.


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