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MASON,  Francis  (1584-1648)  VA

             Jester, Annie Lash.  Compiled and edited by Annie Lash Jester in 
                     collaboration with Martha Woodroof Hiden.  Adventurers of Purse
                     and Person, Virginia, 1607-1625. 
Richmond?:  Published by
                     The Order of the First Families of Virginia, 2nd edition, 1964. [1st
                     edition 1956].

            McIntosh, Charles Fleming.  Brief Abstract of Lower Norfolk County
                    and Norfolk County Wills 1637-1710. 
Richmond: The Colonial Dames
                    of America in the State of Virginia, 1914-.

            Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol II, June 1895.  Published
                    quarterly by The Virginia Historical Society.  [New York: Kraus Reprint
                    Corp., 1968.]  Return to index.

MASON, George I  (1629-1686)  VA

Colonial Dames of America. Chapter I, Baltimore. Ancestral Records and Portraits; a Compilation from the Archives of Chapter I, the Colonial Dames of America.  New York: Grafton Press, 1910; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969. Vol. 2, p. 805.  (;

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Hayden, Horace Edwin. Virginia Genealogies: a Genealogy of the Glassell Family of Scotland and Virginia: also of the Families of Ball, Brown, Bryan, Conway, Daniel, Ewell, Holladay, Lewis, Littlepage, Moncure, Peyton, Robinson, Scott, Taylor, Wallace and others of Virginia and Maryland. Wilkes-Barre, PA: E.B. Yorty, printer, 1891; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1973. Other reprintings. P. 109-110. (

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MASON, George  (1725-1792) VA

            Beirne, Rosamond Randall and John Henry Scarff.  William Buckland,
                    1734-1774; architect of Virginia and Maryland
.  Baltimore:
                    Maryland Historical Society, 1958.

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                           ("Condensation of the [author's] George Mason, constitutionalist
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            Moore, Robert Walton.  The Virginia Convention of 1776 and George
                    Mason; speech of Hon. R. Walton Moore of Virginia in the House
                    of Representatives, Friday, June 18, 1926
.  Washington: Government
                    Printing Office, 1926.

            Pleasants, Sally McCarty, edited by her daughter Lucy Lee Pleasants.  Old
                    Virginia Days and Ways
; Reminiscenses of Mrs. Sally McCarty
                    Pleasants.  Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing Co., 1916

            Rowland, Kate Mason.  The Life of George Mason, 1725-1792, including
                    his speeches, public papers, and correspondence. 
New York,
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            Rutland, Robert Allen.  The Birth of the Bill of Rights, 1776-1791.
                    Boston: Northeastern University Press,1983.  Reprint.  Originally
                    published: Chapel Hill: published for the Institute of Early American
                    History and Culture by the University of North Carolina Press, 1955.

            _______________.  George Mason, reluctant statesman.  Baton:
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                           (Foreword by Dumas Malone)  

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.  Albany, NY: Josef Munsell's Sons, Publishers, 1902.

            Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, ed.  Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography.  Reprinted,
                     Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1998.  Return to index.

MASON, John  (c1600-1671/2)  CT

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MAURY, Matthew  (c1688-1752)  VA

Brock, R. A. Documents, Chiefly Unpublished, Relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia and to the Settlement at Manakin-Town, with an Appendix of Genealogies, Presenting Data of the Fontaine, Maury, Dupuy, Tarbue, Marye, Chastain, Cocke, and Others Families. Richmond, VA: Virginia Historical Society, 1886; Baltimore; Genealogical Pub. Co., 1962. P.122-123. (;

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MAXWELL, William  (1739-1807)  GA

             The Georgia Gazette.  Savannah, GA:  29 December 1763.  p. 2

             Harden, William.  A History of Savannah and South Georgia.  Chicago:
                    Lewis Publishing Co., 1913.  Vol. 2, p. 1086-1087.

             McCall, Ettie T.  Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia.  Compiled by
                    Mrs. Howard H. McCall.  Georgia Society, Daughters of the American
                    Revolution.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968-1969.

             Warren, Mary Bonduart.  Marriages and Deaths, 1763-1820; Abstracted
                    From Georgia Newspapers. 
Danielsville, GA:  Heritage Papers, 1968.
                    pg. 77.  Return to index.

MAYHEW,  Governor Thomas  (1593-1682)  MA and NY

Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to
New England, 1620-1663.
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical
Society, 1995. p. 1243-6.

Banks, Charles Edward. The English Ancestry of Gov. Thomas Mayhew of
Martha's Vineyard, 1593-1682.
Cambridge, MA: L.H. Greenlaw, 1901.

            Banks, Charles Edward.  The History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County,
.  Boston: George H. Dean, 1911-25.  Vol. 1, p. 108, 109,
                    147 , and Chapter XIX: The Missionary Mayhews, p. 213-257; vol. 2, p.
                    107-198; vol. 3, p. 29-301.
( for vol,1 & 2 only.

Bond, Henry. Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early
Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston:
to Which is Appended the Early History of the Town
. Boston: Little,
Brown, 1855: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1978. P. 364.

            Drisko, George W.  Narrative of the town of Machias, the old and the new,
                    the early and the late.
  Machias, ME: Press of the Republican, 1904.

            Freeman, Frederick.  The History of Cape Cod: annuals of the thirteen
                    towns of Barnstable County.
  Boston:  W.H. Piper, 1869, 1862.  2v.

            Hare, Lloyd C.M.  Thomas Mayhew, Patriarch to the Indians, 1593-1682.
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1932.
                             [Excellent portrayal of not only Mayhew but of his son, the Rev.
                             Thomas Mayhew, and early Martha's Vineyard days as well as later
                              Mayhews.  Also Peter Folger and early Nantucket history.]

"Mayhew, Thomas", by James Gore King, Jr. The Dictionary of American
New York: Scribner, 1928-.

The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography. New York: J. T. White,
1892-1984. Vol. 7, p. 146-7.

            Pope, Charles Henry.  A History of Dorchester Pope Family, 1634-1888.
                    with sketches of other Popes in England and America, and notes
                    upon several intermarrying families.
  Boston:  Pope, 1888.

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                    Printed by Order of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
                    Boston: Press of W. White, 1855-1851. Various reprints. Vol. 8, p. 11; vol. 10,
                    p. 406. (;

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                    Massachusetts Bay in New England.
  Boston: W. White, 1853-1854.
                    p. 178, 194, 236, 256, 288, 318.

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 Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1972-9; 2001, 2011;
Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1992.

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                    Tupper Family Association of America, 1945.  

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Lancaster, MA: Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy, 1936;
                     Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1977. P.138-139.
  Return to index.

MAYHEW,  Rev. Thomas  (c.1620-1657)  MA

            Banks, Charles Edward.  The History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County,
.  Boston: George H. Dean, 1911-25. (See previous entry)

            Weis, Frederick Lewis.  The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, North Carolina,
                    and  South Carolina. 
Boston:  Society of the Descendants of the 
                    Colonial  Clergy, 1955.  Return to index.

MAYO, William  (1684-1744)  VA

Brown, Alexander. The Cabells and Their Kin: a Memorial Volume of History, Biography, and Genealogy. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1895; Richmond: Garrett and Massie, 1939; Franklin, NC: Genealogy Publishing Service, 1993. P. 184-186. (

Cumberland County, Virginia, Will Book 2, 1769-1792. ?[Miami Beach, FL: TLC Genealogy]?  P. 115, 116.

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MAYRANT,  John  (1726-1767)  SC

            South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol XXVII, 
                    No. 2 (April 1926), No. 3, 4, 6. Charleston: South Carolina 
                    Historical Society.  Return to index.

MAZYCK,  Isaac  (1700-1770)  SC

            Salley, Alexandra Samuel; and Mabel Webber.  South Carolina Gazette,
                    November 6, 1736.  Baltimore, MD: Clearfield, 1996.
                        [see also: Salley and Webber.  Death Notices in the South Carolina
                        Gazette, 1732-1775.
  Columbia: South Carolina Archives Dept, 1954.
                        Compiled by Salley and Webber from files in the library of the
                        Charleston Library Society, Charleston, SC.]  Return to index


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