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MCALLISTER,  Colonel Alexander  (1715-1800)  NC

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                    Birmingham, AL:  Featon Press, 1962.

            McAllister, D.S.  Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Colonel
                    Alexander McAllister of Cumberland County, NC; also of Mary
                    and Isabella McAllister
.  Richmond: Whittet & Shepperson, 
                    Printers, 1900.   Return to index.

MCCULLOCH, The Honorable Henry  (1726-1755)  NC

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                    Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, Volume 4, 1991.

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10 vols.  Raleigh: P. M. Hale (and others), Printer to the State,
                    1886-1890. Vol. V.  Return to index.

MCDONALD,  Angus  (1727-1778)  VA

            Williams, Flora McDonald.  The Glengarry McDonalds of Virginia. 
                    Louisville, KY:  G.G. Fetter, 1911.  Return to index.

MCDOWELL,  Samuel  (1735-1817)  VA

            Speed, Thomas.  The Political Club, Danville, Kentucky 1786-1790: Being
                    an Account of an early Kentucky Society from the Original Papers
                    Recently Found. 
Louisville, KY: John P. Morton & Co., 1894. Return to index.

MCGREW, Esq., Captain Archibald  ( ? -1805)  PA

            Bracken, H.M., MD.  William Bracken of New Castle County, Delaware
                    and his descendants: giving data bearing upon William Bracken, his
                    son Thomas Bracken, and two generations of Thomas Bracken's
Minneapolis, MN: Bracken, 1901.
                           [Photocopy made of the 1901, 1928 editions in 1965. Available
                           through DAR Library, Washington, D.C.]  Return to index.

MCINTOSH,  John Mohr  (1700-1761)  GA

            Bulloch, Joseph Gaston Baillie.  A History and Genealogy of the Family of
                    Baillie of Dunain, Dochfour and Lamington: with a short sketch of the
                    family of McIntosh, Bulloch and other families
.  Green Bay, WI:
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                     from extant Georgia newspapers.
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                     Papers, 1968.    Return to index.

MCKINNE (McKinnie),  Barnabus  (1688-1740)  NC

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MCNEILL, Archibald  (1720-1801)  NC

Murtrie, June Clark. Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 19983. P. 811.  Return to index. 

MCNEILL, Neill  (c.1670-1759)  NC

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                    the Executive Council, 1664-1734
. Raleigh, NC:  Department of
                    Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, 1984.

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                    County History. 
n.p.  Harnett County Centennial, c1955.

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                    County, North Carolina, 1754-1863
.  S.1.: Katana Co., c1984.
                    P. 119-120. 

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                    a Memoir of His Life: Daniel McNeil and his Descendants
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             Smith, Evelyn Futch.  Charm Culmhne to Our Scots of North Carolina.
                      Jacksonville, FL:  1969.  Return to index.

MCPHERSON, Robert  (1730-1789)  PA

            Hanson, George A.  Old Kent, The Eastern Shore of Maryland.
                    Baltimore: Regional, 1967. Return to index.


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