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PACE, Richard  (1585-1625)  VA

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PAGE, John  (1627-1692)  VA

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Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. 8 (1900-1901), p. 389; vol. 19 (1911), p. 211.  Return to index 

PAGE,  Matthew   (1659-1703)  VA

            Page, Richard Channing Moore.  Genealogy of the Page family in 
  New York:  Publishers' Print. Co., 1893, 2nd ed.
                          (Also, a condensed account of the Nelson, Walker,
                           Pendleton, and Randolph families, with references to the
                           Bland, Burwell, Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer, Harrison,
                           Rives, Thornton, Welford, Washington, and other distinguished
                           families in Virginia.)   Return to index 

PALGRAVE,  Dr. Richard  (1585-1651)  MA

            Banks, Charles Edward.  The Winthrop Fleet of 1630.  Boston: 1930.
                    Reprinted, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1972, 1961.

            Savage, James.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New
                    England showing three generations of those who came before
                    May, 1692, on the basis of the Farmer's Register
.  Baltimore:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986.  4v.  [Boston:  Little Brown and
                    Company, 1860-62.]    Return to index 

PALMER, John  (1715-1785)  (SC)

Dubose, Samuel. Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish, Craven County, and Notices of Her Old Homesteads. [Charleston? Printed by A. E. Miller, 1850s] (This also appears in Thomas. A Contribution... listed below.)

Edgar, Walter B., N. Louise Bailey, and Alexander Moore. Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1974- .  P. 502. 

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Return to index

PALMER,  Major Martin  (1625-1702)  VA

            Dorman, John F.  The Virginia Genealogist, Vol II.. Washington, DC: J.F
                    Dorman,1957-  . (v 1-44, 1957-2000) 

            Valentine, Edward Pleasants.  The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers:
                    abstracts of records in the local and general archives of Virginia
                    relating to the families of Allen,....",
Vol II, edited by Clayton Torrence.
                    Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979.  4 v.

            The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol I.  Richmond, VA:
                    Virginia Historical Society, 1893-   Return to index 

PARR, John  (1725-1808)  NJ

            Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Society Lee County, MS
                   Cemetery Records, 1820-1979. 
Columbus, MS:  Blewett Co., 1981.

            Parr, Charles H.  Parr and Gascoigne.  Privately Published, 1994. 

            "Pittsylvania County Tithables, 1770,"  Southside Virginian, Vol. 7, No. 3.

            "Tatum - Comely - Curry,"  Pioneer Trails.  Birmingham Genealogical Society.
                     Vol. 17, No. 4.  Return to index 

PARROTT,  Francis  (1670-1713)  NC

            Bell, Mary Best.  Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina.  Windsor,
                    NC:  MB Bell: 1963-68.

            Bradley, Stephen E. (abstractor)  The Deeds of Bertie County, North Carolina.
                    Keysville, VA:  The Abstractor, 1992-.

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                    SE Bradley, c1992-.

            Hofmann, Margaret M.  Chowan Precinct, North Carolina 1696 to 1723:
                    genealogical abstracts of deed books
.  Three Rivers, MA: Van
                    Volumes,  c1976.

            Scott, Evalyn Parrott.  Links that Bind.  Sudan, TX:  Sudan Beacon-News,
                    c1967.  2v.  Return to index 

PASCHALL, Thomas  (1634-1718)  PA

            Jordan, Wilfred.  Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania.
                    New Series, Vol V.  New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company,
                    Inc., 1934.

            Lea, James Henry and George Henry Lea.  The Ancestry and Posterity of
                    John Lea
.  Philadelphia and New York: Lea and Febriger Publishers, 
                    1900.   Return to index 

PATE, Thomas  (1660-1700?)  VA

             Davidson, Grace Gillam.  Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County.  Macon,
                    GA: J. W. Burke, 1932--. Vol. 2, p. 57.

             History of Pulaski County, Georgia, 1808-1835: Official History. Comp.
                    by the Hawkinsville Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Atlanta:
                    W. W. Brown. [c. 1935];  Bicentennial Edition: Macon, GA: OmniPress,
                    c. 1975. pp. 287, 289, 392-394, 542.

             Memoirs of Georgia; Containing Historical Accounts of the State's Civil,
                   Military, Industrial and Professional Interests, and Sketches of
                   Many of its People.
  Atlanta: Southern Historical Assoc., 1895. Vol. 1,
                    p. 373-374.

             Pate, John Ben.  The American Genealogy of the Pate Family: From Their
                    Landing in Virginia, 1650, to the Present Time, in our Line of
                    Descent, Including a Sketch of Their Origin and History in England,
                    Back to the Fifteenth Century, with a Description of the Pate Coat of
.  Amboy, GA: [s.n. 1915?] p. 8, 17.            

             Robins, Robert W. The Register of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, 
        Virginia, 1677-1780.
Arlington, VA: Honford House, 1981.

             Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Richmond,VA. Vol. 1 (1894)
         p. 249; vol. 4 (1896), p. 153; vol. 9 (1901) p. 107; vol. 10 (1902) p. 2 
        (1908) p. 321; vol. 19 (1911) p. 257.  

            William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Richmond, VA.  
          [1st Series]. Vol. 5 (1897) p. 279; vol. 7 (1898) p. 62; vol. 9 (1901) p. 
          260; vol. 12 (1904), p. 119; vol. 15 (1906) p. 119.   

             Young, Ida, Gholson, Julius, & Hargrove, Clara Nell. History of Macon,     
Macon, GA: Lyon, Marshall & Brooks, 1950.  p.. 632-35.
          Return to index 

PATTON, James (1692-1755) VA

            Brown, John and Orlando.  Memoranda of the Preston Family.
                 Frankfort, KY:  Hodges, Todd & Pruett, Printers, Dec 20, 1842.
                    The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Draper Manuscripts,
                    Kentucky Papers.
                            (The history of John and Elizabeth Patton Preston of
                            Spring Hill, Augusta County, VA and their descendants.
                            Elizabeth Patton Preston was the sister of Colonel James
                            Patton of Donnegal, Ireland, and the mother of Col.
                            William Preston.)

            Johnson, Patricia Givens. James Patton and The Appalachian
  Pulaski, VA: Edmonds Printing, Inc., 1983.
                            (Well documented; good bibliography.)

            Johnson, Patricia Givens. The New River Early Settlement.
Blacksburg, VA: Walpa Publishing, 1983.  Return to index.

PAXSON, William  (1648-1709  PA

Pennsylvania Archives. Second Series. Harrisburg, PA: B.F. Meyers, state printer, 1876-1887.  Vol. 9, p. 753, 754.

Wesley, Rusha. Our Quaker Ancestry: Adams, Cowperthwaite, Maris, Paxson, Pownal, Shotwell, Simcock, Waln, Webster. [S.l.: The author, 1945]  P. 5, 16, 17.  Return to index.

PAXSON,  William, Jr.  (1685-1733)  PA

Pennsylvania Archives. Second Series. Harrisburg, PA: B.F. Meyers, state printer, 1876-1887.  Vol. 9, p. 755-759.

Wesley, Rusha. Our Quaker Ancestry: Adams, Cowperthwaite, Maris, Paxson, Pownal, Shotwell, Simcock, Waln, Webster. [S.l.: The author, 1945]  P. 5, 16, 17.   Return to index.

PAYNE,  John  (1713-1784)  VA

            Bentley, Elizabeth Petty.  Virginia Marriage Records.  Baltimore, MD: 
                  Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1982.

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                  Publishing Company, Inc., 1973.

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                   Byrd Press, Inc., 1937.

             Tyler, Lyon G.  Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography.  Vol. I.  New York:
                    Lewis Historical Publishing, 1915.

             Wulfeck, Dorothy Ford.  Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800.
Naugatuck, CT Return to index.  


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