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SCARBOROUGH,  Edmund  (1617/18-1671)  VA

            Donaldson, Evelyn Kinder.  Squires and Dames of Old Virginia.  Los
                    Angeles:  Miller Printing Co., 1950

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                    and Accomack Counties.
  Richmond, VA: Virginia Historical
                    Society, 1951.  2v.  Return to index 

SCHENCK,  Roelof Martense  (  ?   -  ?  )   NY

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                    in northern New Jersey and southern New York. 
New York.  W.
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             Stryker, McCarty.  The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record,
Vol III, No. 5, July 1980.  New York:  The New York Genealogical
                     and Biographical Record.  1980. Return to index 

SCHENCKINGH, Benjamin Barnard  ( ?  - 1692)  SC

            Journal of the Grand Council of South Carolina 1692.  Columbia, SC:
                    The Historical Commission of South Carolina, 1907.  LC 08034181.

            Salley, Alexander S.  Commissions and Instructions from the Lords
                    Proprietors of Carolina to Public Officials of South Carolina.

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            Statutes at Large.  Columbia, SC: A.S. Johnston, 1873.  LC unk85000483.
                     Return to index

SCHLEY, John Thomas  (1712-1789?)  MD

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Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1913. p. 684-5. 

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       1980.  p. 242-399. 

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New York, Boston:
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Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966. 
                      Vol. 2, p. 637-9.

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Danielsville, GA: Heritage Papers, 1972, c1968.

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.  [Frederick, Md.]: L.R.Titsworth & Co, 1910;
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SCHOONMAKER,  Jochem Henrickse  (1658-1730)  NY

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                    settlement to the year 1820.
  New York:  Burr Printing House, 1888.
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SCOTT, Daniel  (c1680-1745)  MD

Archives of Maryland. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1983-. Vol. 20, p. 544.  (

Barnes, Robert William. Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1989. P. 568.

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Papenfuse, Edward C. A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1979-1985. Vol. 2, p. 714-715.  Return to index

SCOTT,  James II  (1742-1779)  VA

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Hayden, Horace Edwin. Virginia Genealogies; a Genealogy of he Glassell Family of Scotland and Virginia: also of the Families of Ball, ... of Virginia and Maryland. Wilkes-Barre, PA: E.B. Yordy, printer, 1891; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966. P. 588.  (http://persi.heritagequestonline.comReturn to index     

SCOTT,  Richard  (1607-c.1680)  RI

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                   Hutchinson and Katherine Marbury Scott.
  Philadelphia:  The
                   Magee Press, 1936.

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                    on the Lineage of Richard Scott of Providence.
  Boston: David
                    Clapp and Sons, 1868. Return to index

SEARCY,  Reuben  (1735-1795)  NC

            Clark,  Walter (ed).  The State Records of North Carolina, Vol 15, p 486. 
                    Wilmington, NC:  Broadfoot, 1993. 16v.

            Saunders, William L. (ed).   The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol 2,
      pp 429-430, Vol 9, pp 572, 573, 766, 718. Wilmington, NC:
                    Broadfoot, 1993.  10v.  Return to index

SEAWELL, Benjamin II  (1742-1821)  NC

            Membership Roster and Soldiers.  Compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley,
                    registrar, Tennessee Society of the Daughters of the American
                    Revolution.  Nashville: Tennessee Society of the Daughters of the
                    American Revolution, 1961.

            Wheeler, John Hill.  Historical Sketches of North Carolina, 1584-1851.
                     Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co., 1964. 
                          (Historical sketches of North Carolina from 1584 to 1851,
                           compiled from original records, official documents, and 
                           traditional statements, with biographical sketches of her 
                           distinguished statesmen, jurists, lawyers, soldiers, divines,
                           etc.)  Return to index.

SEELEY, Nathaniel  (1629-1675)  CT

             Jacobus, Donald Lines (Ed).  History and Genealogy of the Families of Old
New Haven, CT:  The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1931
                    In 3 Volumes. 

             Mills, Madeline M.  Generations One Through Five:  Descendants of Robert
                    Seeley (1602-1667) & Obadiah Seeley (1614-1657)
Salt Lake City: 
                    Seeley Genealogical Society, 1997.  Return to index.

SEVIER,  John  (1745-1815)  VA

Acklen, Jeannette Tillotson. Tennessee Records: Tombstone Inscriptions and
Manuscripts, Historical and Biographical.
Nashville, TN: Cullom &
Ghertner Co., 1933; Baltimore: Clearfield Co.; Genealogical Pub. Co..
Numerous reprintings.

Armstrong, Zella. "The Sevier Family." Notable Southern Families. Vol. 4.
Chattanooga, TN: Lookout Pub. Co., [1918-1933]; Baltimore:
Genealogical Pub. Co., 1974, 1973.

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 Marshall, Texas, 1848-1869.
[Shreveport, LA] J.D.Cawthorn, 1978. P. 4.

The Chronicles of Oklahoma.  Vol 39 (1961), no.1, p. 43.

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Historical Society of Wisconsin: Division of Archives and Manuscripts,
1740-1891. Vol. 2, p. 164.

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[Clarkesville, GA: Northeast Georgia Regional Library]; W. H. Wolfe
Associates, 1986.

The North Carolina Historical Review. Vol. 66 (1989), p. 31.

             Sevier, Cora Bales and Nancy Sawyer Sevier Madden.  Sevier Family
                     History, with Collected Letters of Gen. John Sevier. 

White, Virgil D. Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension
Waynesboro, TN: National Historical Pub. Co., 1990-1992.
Vol. 1 (A-E) and vol. 3 (N-Z).    Return to index.

SEWALL, Henry  (c.1614-1700)  MA

            Willis, William.  A History of the Law, the Courts, and the Lawyers of
                    Maine from its First Colonization to the Early Part of the Present
.  Portland, ME:  Bailey & Noyes  (Printed by B. Thurston),
                           [Copy located at Massachusetts State Library, State House,
                           Room 341, Boston, MA 02133]   Return to index.


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