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THACHERThe Hon. Col. John  (1639-1713)  MA

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                    of the Colony of New Plymouth, New England
.  Boston:
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                    reprint of Amos Otis Papers originally published in the
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                    Boston:  New England Historical and Genealogical Society.

            Totton, John R.  Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy.  A Genealogical
                    Record of Antony Thacher of Yarmouth, Mass, and His
                    Descendants, Part I,  Coat of Arms
.  New York: New York
                    Genealogical and Biographic Society, 1911-1912.  Return to index.

THACHER,  Thomas  (1620-1678)  MA

            Foote, Henry Wilder.  Annals of King's Chapel from the Puritan Age of
                    New England to the Present Day.
  Boston:  Little, Brown, and 
                    Company, 1882-1940.

            Worthly, Harold Field.  An Inventory of the Particular (Congregational)
                     Churches of Massachusetts Gathered 1620-1805
.  Cambridge, MA:
                     Harvard Theological Studies XXV, 1970.  Return to index.

THOMAS, John  (1720-1811)  SC

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THOMAS, Lieutenant Philip  (1600-1675)  MD

             Goldsborough, Dorothy.  "Lieutenant Philip Thomas."  Adventurers, 
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. Baltimore: The National
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                    Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott of Poplar Knowle, West River, Anne
                    Arundel County, Maryland
.  Baltimore: Day Printing Co., 1927.
                    Return to index.

THOMAS, Richard  (1744-1832)  PA

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THOMPSON, Samuel (1669-1749)  CT

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THOMPSON, Col. William  (1727-1796)  SC

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"Tombstone Inscriptions".  The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Vol. 27, no. 1 (Jan. 1926), p. 37. Return to index.

THORNTON,  Jr., Francis  (1714-1749)  VA

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, Vol 5.  Richmond: Virginia State Library; Vol 1 (June 11, 1680/
                    June 22, 1699) - Vol 6 (June 20, 1754/May 3, 1775).  Return to index

THROCKMORTON, John  (1601-1683/4)  RI

            Roberts, Gary Boyd (ed).  Genealogies of Rhode Island Families.  
                    Selected from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 
                    Boston:  New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1989.

            Stillwell, J.E.  Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol V.  Published
                    1903;  Reprinted 1970.  Accessed through the Library of Congress.
                           (Includes data relating to the settlement and settlers of New
                           York and New Jersey.)   Return to index.

THROCKMORTON, John II  (    -1690)  NJ

            Sitherwood, Sara Frances Grimes.  Throckmorton Family History.
                    Bloomington, IL: Pantagraph Printing & Stationery Co., 1929.
                           (Record of the Throckmortons in the United States with
                           cognate branches.  Emigrant ancestors located at Salem,
                           Mass, 1630 and in Gloucester County, VA, 1660.)  Return to index.

TICHENOR, Martin  (c.1615-1681)  NJ

            Tichenor, Harold A.  Tichenor Families in America.  Columbia:
                    Tichenor, 1988.  Return to index.

TILDEN,  Joseph  (1615-1670)  MA

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                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985.  Return to index.

TILDEN,  Nathaniel  (1583-1641)  MA

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                    Return to index.

TILGHMAN,  II,  Honorable Richard  (1672-1738)  MD

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                    Historical Magazine
reprinted with an introduction by Robert Barnes
                    in 1997.  2v.

            Magruder, Jr., James M.  Magruder's Maryland Colonial Abstracts:  wills,
                    accounts and inventories 1772-1777
.  Baltimore:  Genealogical
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St. Michael's, MD:  Dorchester County Historical
                    Society, 1982, 1993.

            Ridgely, Helen West.  Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of
.  New York:  Grafton Press, c1908.  Return to index.

TILLEY, John  (      -1621)  MA

            Bradford, William.  Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646.
                    New York:  C. Scribner's Sons, 1908.  Return to index.

TILLINGHAST,  Pardon  (1622-1718)  RI

            Tillinghast, Lee Edward.  The L. E. Tillinghast Family Line from Elder
.  n.p.: L.E. Tillinghast, 1983.

            Tillinghast, Rose C.  The Tillinghast Family (1560-1971).  Washington, DC:
                    Tillinghast, 1972.

            Wurts, John S.  Magna Charta: The Romance of the Great Charter.
                    Philadelphia: Brookfield Publishing Co., 1945-.  Return to index.

TITUS, Content  (1643-1730)  NY

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Titus, Anson. The Titus Family in America: Three Generations. [New York: The New York Genealogical Society, 1881, 1880]    Return to index.

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