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WARD, Andrew  (1597-1659)  CT

             Trumbull, J. Hammond, ed.  The Public Records of the Colony of
                    Connecticut, Prior to the Union with New Haven Colony, May 1665.
Hartford, CT:  Brown and Parsons, 1850: Bowie, MD: Heritage Books,
                    1992. Vol. 1 [1636-1665], p. 2, 12, 13-226.  Return to index

WARDWELL, John  (1720-1770)  RI

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WARE, Henry  (1730-1801)  VA

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WARFIELD,  I,  Richard  (1640-1704)  MD

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                    Ancestors Remembered.
  Baltimore: The National Society of The
                    Colonial Dames of America in Maryland, 1994.  Return to index

WARNER,  Jr. Augustine.  (1642-1681)  VA

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.  Third Edition. 
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                    1690, born about 1660, died in Virginia 1720
.  Hampton, VA:
                    J.S. Selden, 1980, c1981.

            Sorley, Merrow Egerton,  Lewis of Werner Hall - The History of
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WARNER, Ebenezer  (1677-1755)  CT

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Warner, Davis P. Descendants of John Warner of Farmington. [Camden, ME] : Penobscot Press, 1997.   Return to index

WARNER,  William  (1627-1706)  PA

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                    townships of Haverford and Radnor.
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                    Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970.

            Jordon, John W. (ed).  Colonial Families of Philadelphia.  New York:
                    Lewis Publishing Co., 1911.   Return to index


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