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WARREN, I,  Humphrey  (c.1632-c.1670/71)  MD

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                    of six immigrants - Thomas Dent, John Dent, Richard Edelen, John
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                    their descendants showing migrations to the South and West.

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            ________________.  To Maryland from Overseas: a complete digest of
                    the Jacobite Loyalists...and the...background of approximately 1400
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                    Dames, 1935-38.    Return to index    

WARREN,  Joseph  (c.1626-1689)  MA

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Vol III (1620-1692).  Printed by order of the
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                            Plymouth, MA 02361)   Return to index

WARREN, Richard  (c.1580-1628)  MA

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WARREN,  Thomas  (1621-1670)  VA

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                    Wight Counties, Virginia
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