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WELLES I Governor Thomas  (1590-1659/60)  CT

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Date of Earliest Settlement Until the Present Time.

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a Record of the Descendants of Gov. Thomas Welles of Connecticut...
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WELTON, Sr.,  Job  (1744-1820)  VA

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WENTWORTH, William  (1615-1697)  NH

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WEST, Governor John  (1590-1659)  VA

            Boddie, John Bennett.  Virginia Historical Genealogies. Baltimore: 
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1965.  Return to index

WETHERILL, Christopher  (?-1711)  NJ

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                    p. 569.    
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WEYMAN, Edward  (1730-1793)   SC

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South Carolina Resources and Population, Institutions and Industries.Charleston, SC: published by the State Board of Agriculture of South Carolina, Walker, Evans & Cogswell, printers, 1883. Return to index


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