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Makers / Maker's Age: Horner, Frances
Date Made: 1664
Origin: England
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Cross, Double back, Eyelet, Double running, Satin
Embroidery Thread: Silk
Foundation Cloth: Linen
Dimensions: 7 3/4"w x 32 1/8" h
Owner: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Inscriptions: F R A N C E S H O M E R / H E R S A M P L E R 1 6 6 4 //
Predominant Motif: Twelve horizontal bands including various flowers and geometric patterns. No border.
History of Owner: #T.30-1928 Bequest of Dr. J.W.L. Glaisher
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No