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Makers / Maker's Age: Jefferis, Jane (age 10)
Date Made: 1800
Origin: England
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Cross
Embroidery Thread: Silk
Foundation Cloth: Wool
Dimensions: 13"w x 17 1/4" h
Owner: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Inscriptions: (In a coronet shape at center top): THIS Sampler / Done by me Iane / Iefferis in the Year / of our LORD 1800 / Aged 10 years // (Below): ON THE / CREATION / In six days / The LORD Created the Heavens / And the earth and all the ( ) of / T90 and God made Man male and/ Female and ( ) the / East of Eden and caused to grow there in / ALL Trees that was Pleasant to the Sight or Good / For food and the tree of Knowledge of Good and evil. And the man and the / Woman wich GOD had made. GOD placed in thy Garden and gave / Them power over ALL things he had made and Commanded them / Saying, of All the trees, thou mayest Eat freely, but, of the tree of / Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou Shalt ( ) the day that / Thou Eatest there of, thou Shalt Surely Die. now the Serpent was more / Subtil, then ALL the Beast of the field that the Lord had made and he / Said unto the Woman, yea hath GOD said ye shall ( ) eat of every tree / Of ( ) And she said ( ) not eat of the fruit of the tree/Of Knowledge, of good and evil, nor suck it, lest we die. And the / Serpent said unto the Woman, ye shall not surly die, for in the day / You eat thereof, your Eyes shall be Opened and you shall be / GODS Knowing, Good and Evil', 'Jesus, Permit thy ( ) name to stand, As ( ) first effort of/AN Infant Hand. And while her fingers ( ) /Engage ( ), Heart to feel thy ( ) , which thy dear Children / Let her share A part, And write thy Name, thy self, upon her Heart', ' / GOD SAVE AMEN THE KING //
Predominant Motif: At the center top two winged cherubs hold a crown with an inscription. At the bottom the Tree of Knowledge with Adam and Eve stand on small hillocks. An arcaded flower and berry border rises from the bottom up the sides to meet at the center top..
History of Owner: T.50-1938 Bequest of Mrs H.A. Longman
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No