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Makers / Maker's Age: Street (family member)
Date Made:
Origin: East Haven, CT US
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Cross
Embroidery Thread: Cotton
Foundation Cloth: Linen
Dimensions: 17"w x 22" h
Owner: Private collector
Inscriptions: Family Record / Elnathan Street born Feb. 16th (above): 1775 / Clarissa Street born July 6th 1784 / Married november 2nd 1802 / Jane C Street born october 7th 1803 / Harriot J Street born July 5th 1807 / Mary A Street born July 7th 1810 / Lucy M Street born July 31st 1812 / Nicholas Street born April 11th 1814 / Benjamin Street born Decr 25th 1816 / Augustus Street born May 30th 1819 / Thaddeus Street born April 22 1821 / Cornelia C Street born Nov 30th 1826 / Dwight E Street born Oct 8th 1826 //
Predominant Motif: 3 alphabets: done across the top and down both sides. Uppercase missing the J. At center bottom a two story colonial style home with two trees. No other motifs. All done in a double border three sided rectangle. Undulating border with a small flower on the outer curve and a larger flower on the inner curve.
History of Owner: Inherited
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No