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Makers / Maker's Age: Nissly, Mary (age 16) (born 1824)
Date Made: 1840
Origin: Rapho Township, PA US
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Cross,
Embroidery Thread:
Foundation Cloth: Linen
Dimensions: 15 1/2"w x 11 1/2" h
Owner: Phillips Museum, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Inscriptions: (At the top R): 1837 / (After the alphabets): Mary Nissly A Daughter of Martin Nissly and Anna / Nissly was Born the 17th day of June 1824 Rapho is my Station / Heave[n] is my dwelling place and Christ is my salvation when I / am dead and in my grave and all my bones are rotten when this you / See remember me or Else I Shall be Forgotten the rose is red the / levs are green the days are past which I hav Seen Mary Nisly / her Sampler workd in the 16th year of her age in the year of our / Lord Rapho Township Lancaster County and State of Pennsylvania / April the 6th 1840 //
Predominant Motif: 3 alphabets. Below are Quaker motifs including birds, diamonds, 3 crowns, 2 feather stars, a carnation, 8 unknown floral motifs, eight pointed stars, carnation floral pot motifs, a peacock and a pea hen, two prancing deer, a table and chairs. In the center a motif with a crown on top and initials around it "O E H B D D E" (O edel Herz Bedenke dein Ende meaning "O Noble Heart consider your end) usually indicating the needle worker was from a Mennonite family.
History of Owner: #4197
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No