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Makers / Maker's Age: Unknown
Date Made: 19th century
Origin: England
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Satin,
Embroidery Thread: Silk, metallic yarns, isinglass
Foundation Cloth: Silk
Dimensions: 13 5/8"w x 10 1/4" h
Owner: Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO
Inscriptions: No inscription.
Predominant Motif: Old testament story: Queen Esther kneels before her husband, King Ahasuerus who is sitting on his throne. Her two attendants are behind her. Across the bottom a lion on the L, a tiger on the R, a bird, starfish, flowers in the center. At top R a castle, the sun, flowers, and insects. Border all four sides.
History of Owner: #17:1968
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No