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Makers / Maker's Age: Soutter, Margaret (age 6)
Date Made: 1813
Origin: Norfolk, VA US
School / Teacher:
Stitches: Petit Point, French Knot, other.
Embroidery Thread: Silk
Foundation Cloth: Linen
Dimensions: 16 1/2"w x 17 1/2" h
Owner: Private collector
Inscriptions: (In the center): While beauty and pleasure are now in their prime / And folly and fashion expect our whole time / Oh let not those Phantoms our wishes engage / Let us live so in youth that we blush not in age / / / Tho the vain and the gay may attend us a while, / Yet let not their flattery our prudence beguile; / Let us covet those charms that will never decay, / Nor listen to all the deceivers can say. / / I sigh not for beauty or languish for wealth / But grant me kind Providence virtue and health / Then richer than kings, and as happy as they / My days shall pass sweetly and swiftly away // Margaret Soutter age 6 1813 //
Predominant Motif: 2 alphabets: one with an ampersand. Numbers 1-24. Two houses with 4 chimneys each, fence. 2 adults and 1 child stand under a tree at the bottom. Acorn border across top and down both sides.
History of Owner: Inherited
Published in american samplers by bolton & COE, 1921No