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Maker:Sanders, Harriot Knight (age 10)
Date Made: 1834
Origin: PA (?) US
Stitches:Cross, Satin, French knots, Eyelet
Mirror image Motif Sampler by
Sanders, Harriot Knight (age 10)
Maker:Woodrow, Mary Ann
Date Made: 1831
Origin: PA (?) US
Stitches:Cross, Outline, Eyelet, Chain
Marking Sampler by
Woodrow, Mary Ann
Maker:Crathern Mary Ann
Date Made: 1833
Origin: US
Marking Sampler by
Crathern Mary Ann
Maker:Holness, Maria
Date Made: 1800
Origin: England
Stitches:Cross, Satin, Eyelet, French knots
Sampler by
Holness, Maria
Maker:Matute, Dolores
Date Made: 1898
Origin: Guatemala
Stitches:An incredible variety of stitches and Hollie point
Motif Sampler by
Matute, Dolores
Maker:Flack, Sarah
Date Made: 1832
Origin: England
Sampler by
Flack, Sarah
Maker:Street (family member)
Date Made:
Origin: East Haven, CT US
Family Register by
Street (family member)
Maker:Nissly, Mary (age 16) (born 1824)
Date Made: 1840
Origin: Rapho Township, PA US
Sampler by
Nissly, Mary (age 16) (born 1824)
Maker:Diffenderfer, Juliann C. (age 13)
Date Made: 1893
Origin: New Holland, PA US
Stitches:Cross, Satin,
Sampler by
Diffenderfer, Juliann C. (age 13)
Maker:Hamilton, Louisa
Date Made: 1830
Origin: Allentown, PA US
Stitches:Cross, Stem, Satin,
Sampler by
Hamilton, Louisa