The Winners of The Virginia Scarf Contest are…

The Virginia Scarf Contest was held from April 1-November 1, 2018 and was open to all Dames. We received many wonderful photographs of Dames wearing their Virginia Scarf all over the country and the world. We had so many submissions from Dames travelling outside of the USA that we decided to add a 4th contest category! Winners will each receive our new Virginia Summer scarf that will be available this spring/summer.

We thank everyone who helped generate excitement for and participated in the contest!


Contest #1: The farthest distance from Wilton House Museum

Winner: Caroline Hedrick

Virginia Dame

Palm Island, Dubai

7,142 miles away

Honorable Mention: Hutch Livingston

Virginia Dame

Kanazawa, Japan

6,881 miles away


Contest #2: The most photographs at different locations with-IN the 50 United States

Winner: Margaret Gunn

Virginia Dame

38 photos submitted


Honorable Mention: Dale Sayers

Virginia Dame

8 photos submitted



Contest #3: The most creative display of the scarf with a person, place or thing

Winner: Caro Williams

Colorado Dame

Jivin’ with George



Honorable Mention: Aimee Burns


After winning MVP for her Roller Derby Team –

River City Roller Derby


We had so many photographs submitted from far-away places that we added another contest category…

Contest #4: The most photographs submitted from OUT-side the 50 United States

Winner: Juanita Allen

Hawaii Dame

35 photos submitted


Honorable Mention: Deb Goodloe

Virginia Dame

10 photos submitted



Please visit the link below to view all of the submitted contest photographs on our VA Society web-site.