Nancy Sharon Collins Monogram Classes at Gallier House

In this hands-on class examples of vintage monograms, lettering styles and engraving will be on display–students will learn to make new symbols, traditional monograms, and letterforms using these historic pieces as inspiration.  By tracing, combining then retracing existing forms, new, totally original designs, monograms and letterforms will be created.

For anyone tech-curious or savvy:  the class will discuss bringing sketches into digital format, vector (Adobe Illustrator) versus Photoshop (raster) will be compared.  Additionally…the super secret special “Ah Ha!” moment Illustrator trick will be revealed whereby an actual monogram can be digitally rendered in 10-15 minutes (no kidding!).

This class focuses on drawing with pencil on paper. Additionally, no contemporary class would be complete without touching on digital applications, but the majority of our time will be hand drawing. Bring your laptop!  Or come without one, either way the class will be engaging, educational, and fun.

The class is $35.00 per person.  Please click here to register for the class on April 1st and here to register for the April 22nd class.