With museums across the country, and the world, closed in the name of public health, we’ve started compiling a list of digital collections, tours, and education resources from our NSCDA-affiliated museum properties across the United States.

Explore our museums in a whole new way – from the comfort of your home!


Burgwin Wright House and Gardens // Wilmington, NC

Wilmington boasts the largest National Register Historic District in the state of North Carolina. Within those 200 square blocks are hundreds of historic buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries, but a scant three homes survive from the colonial era. Only one of these, the Burgwin-Wright House, circa 1770 is open to the public. Operated as a museum house, it provides the only local venue where the public can view an example of Georgian architecture – and a splendid one, at that!


  • Listen to the Burgin Wright House’s new podcast on early life in the Cape Fear region. – LISTEN HERE


  • Take a tour at your own pace, and zoom in on collections objects – FIND A TOUR

Explore the Property:

  • Download a map of the property that details the landscaping as well as the history of the historic jail and urban townhouse – SEE THE MAP



Craik-Patton House // Charleston, WV

The Craik-Patton house seeks to preserve the house, grounds and their collected contents, “The Elms” Well House, and the Ruffner Log House as artifacts representative of the culture and history of the Kanawha River Valley and encouraging the study and advancement of history through guided tours, public programming, and heritage development. We strive to accurately depict the lives of the Craik family (1835) and the Patton family (1861) by displaying period appropriate decorative arts, furnishings, and acquisitions within the Craik-Patton house on the historic Midland Trail in Charleston WV.

Real Time Tours:

  • If families would like a “skype” tour – or Google Conversations – of Craik-Patton, they can call to schedule a personal virtual tour by calling (304) 925-5341 or by emailing director@craik-patton.org.

Learn About the History of the Craik-Patton House

Facebook Live:

  • We’re planning to create Facebook Live presentations on various subjects that was requested via our Facebook page. Suggest a subject on our Facebook page! – CONNECT ON FACEBOOK



Dumbarton House // Washington, DC

Welcome to Dumbarton House, a 1799 Federal period historic house museum in Georgetown, DC. Dumbarton House serves as the headquarters of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America and is the longest continually operating museum in Georgetown!

Virtual Tour:

  • Step back into the era of our Nation’s founding and explore the period rooms an contemporary galleries of the museum. – VIEW THE TOUR

Explore our Grounds:

  • Our ground are currently still open to the public, but if you can’t make it in person, you can still learn about what’s in bloom! – GO TO THE GARDENS

Tap into Your Inner Artist:

  • Have fun with our Dumbarton House coloring book! – GET COLORING



Hawaii Mission Houses // Honolulu, HI

The Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives (HMH) includes three restored houses, two of which are the oldest houses in Hawai`i, and a research archives which provides a unique glimpse into 19th-century Hawai`i both onsite and online.

Connecting with History:

  • While you’re staying home, Hawaiian Mission Houses brings its programming to you! BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and check back daily for a new way to learn and have fun with history!



Historic Indian Agency House at Fort Winnebago // Portage, WI

Arguably the most significant historic site in Wisconsin AND the Midwest. Our story is not just that of John Kinzie, the Winnebago tribe, or even Fort Winnebago–it is the story of the opening of the West and the ending of the Native way of life.

#1 – Our History:

  • Peruse the history of our museum. Follow the story of early America one fascinating piece at a time!  –EXPLORE HISTORY

#2 – Digital Exhibitions:

  • Visit our past special exhibits which we have digitized. There are several unique historical topics from which to choose! – EXPLORE THE EXHIBITS

#3 – Online Library:

  • Libraries are closed, but you can check out an online book for free!  Read the intriguing firsthand account of Juliette Kinzie who described life at the Indian Agency House almost 200 years ago. – GET READING

#4 – Kids Activity Packets:

  • Have educational fun with your kids using our kids’ activity packets. There’s lots to do! – GET LEARNING
  • Join our online Archaeology Camp! – GET DIGGING



Historic Travellers Rest // Nashville, TN

The 1799 home of John Overton, Travellers Rest is Nashville’s oldest house museum open to the public. Travellers Rest Historic House Museum, Inc. is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the Overton home and serving as a gateway for learners of all ages to explore and experience Nashville’s historic past.

History at Home:

  • Here we are featuring short videos of projects that parents can do with their children while learning at home, as well as a scavenger hunt. We will be regularly adding new content to the page, and encourage visitors to check back frequently! – EXPLORE HISTORY AT HOME



Liberty Hall Historic Site // Frankfort, KY

Liberty Hall Historic Site (LHHS) serves as a learning center that engages the public in exploring the history, politics, social and cultural life of early Kentucky through the homes, gardens, documents, and artifacts of Senator John Brown and his family. Brown was instrumental in the push for Kentucky’s statehood.

Online Collection:

Digital Exhibit:

  • We’ve made a digital version of our Kentucky Made exhibit on Pinterest! – GET PINNING 



Neill-Cochran House Museum // Austin, TX

The Neill-Cochran House Museum is a treasured part of Austin’s history. The historic house was built in 1855 by Abner Cook, the Master Builder who also designed the Texas Governor’s Mansion and several other important historic buildings around Austin. The House has survived, largely unchanged, through several tumultuous periods in American History, not only as a residence, but also, at times, as a school, a hospital, and now, a museum and event rental facility. The NCHM is one of the few antebellum historic residences open to the public.

If These Walls Could Talk Tour Options:

  • Endeavor on a virtual tour of “If These Walls Could Talk,” which includes the audio guide you can access when you are at the museum itself – TAKE THE TOUR
  • Take our 30-minute audio tour narrated by Ginger Geyer herself. She walks visitors room by room through her artistic process and the exhibit. Then when we open again, you can come see the art for yourself as a pro! – LISTEN TO THE TOUR

“Wall of Words”:

  • We are posting short videos every Thursday and suggesting people respond by manipulating the random group of 10 phrases that appear beneath the video, to create poetry. We will turn some of that poetry into physical pieces within the wall of words when we reopen.

Featured Videos:

  • In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be adding video to our YouTube Channel – GET WATCHING

Online Curriculum:



Octagon House // San Francisco, CA

Built in 1861, the Octagon House is a San Francisco historical landmark, an architectural treasure and a Colonial and Federal Periods Decorative Arts Museum. The NSCDA in California bought and renovated the home in 1951 and opened the building as a museum in 1953. This unique architecture style is one of the few remaining octagon (eight sided) houses in San Francisco.

Online Collection:

History of Octagon House:

In 2011 The NSCDA-CA celebrated the 150th anniversary of the building of the Octagon House. What better way to celebrate that anniversary than recount the history of this San Francisco landmark? CELEBRATING 150 YEARS OF HISTORY AT OCTAGON HOUSE: 1861–2011 appeared in The Argonaut, Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society in Spring 2011. We welcome you to explore the Octagon House’s journey through time in the following pages. You can also read the PDF of the article.



Powder Magazine // Charleston, SC

The Powder Magazine was completed in 1713 as part of a series of fortifications in the Province of Carolina, and was used as an arsenal in the 18th-century up through the Revolutionary War. It stands today, in Charleston’s historic French Quarter, as the oldest government building in South Carolina.

Second Cup Conversations:

  • Keep an eye on the list of upcoming conversations on the website which will be updated as new dates are added – EXPLORE THE POWDER MAGAZINE



Stenton // Philadelphia, PA

An historic house museum administered by The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Stenton is known as one of the earliest, best-preserved and most believable historic houses in Philadelphia.

Digital Backgrounds:

Explore Highlights From Our Collection:

Educational Resources:



Van Cortlandt House Museum // Bronx, NY

Since 1896, Van Cortlandt House Museum has been under the stewardship of The National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York through a license agreement with the City of New York. The Society is responsible for preserving and restoring the interiors, providing and caring for the collections, offering educational opportunities to school children throughout New York City, and assuring that the doors to Van Cortlandt House are open to visitors 6 days a week all year round. ​

Van Cortlandt on Social Media:

View the Website:



Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum // Wethersfield, CT

Located in the heart of Connecticut’s largest historic district, the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum offers tours of three authentically restored 18th-century homes, a Colonial Revival garden, and exciting events throughout the year. Come share the quintessential New England experience – from the American Revolution to the early 20th century.

Tours include the 1752 Joseph Webb House, where General George Washington met with French General Rochambeau, and planned the military campaign leading to the end of the Revolutionary War; the 1770 Silas Deane House, built for America’s first diplomat to France; and the 1788 Isaac Stevens House – depicting life in the 18th and 19th centuries through original family objects and a fascinating children’s exhibit.

Collections A-Z:

  • Curator Rich Malley highlights different objects from the collection that the public might find curious, interesting and occasionally entertaining, starting with the letter “A – for Armchair!

Around the Grounds:

  • “Around the Grounds” update by WDS Property Manager Dick Agne features recent photos of construction of the new Education and Visitor Center.

Everyday Living at WDS:

  • In “Everyday Living at WDS,” Education Director Cindy Riccio explores interesting and educational highlights from our educational programs and tours.

Learn more about all of these initiatives HERE!



Ximenez-Fatio House Museum // St Augustine, FL

Ximenez-Fatio—which has held a tavern, a warehouse, a boarding house, a store, and more—has a fascinating and colorful history. But that’s only the beginning. Nestled on the oldest street in the country, this house sits on thousands of years of history, which continue to be unearthed.

Virtual Tour:

  • Join Dr. Roger Smith, Executive Director, for a stroll through the house and its fascinating history! – VIEW THE TOUR

(If you are an NSCDA-affiliated museum and would like your digital offerings added to the list, email tuckerbroadbooks@nscda.org)