For many years, researchers have been exploring the positive benefits of solving puzzles. They’ve found that puzzles improve memory, enhance problem-solving skills, and increase visual-spatial reasoning. But the positive benefits don’t stop there – puzzles also improve overall mood, lower stress, and serve as an active meditation.

With all of this in mind, we decided to turn a collection of images into digital puzzles that you can complete on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Now more than ever, everyone deserves a calming activity. Just click any image below to get started. Enjoy!


Collections Storage – 75 pieces


Water Lillies – 120 pieces


Collections Items – 100 pieces


Dumbarton House Dining Room – 75 pieces


Window Restoration – 50 pieces


English Garden – 100 pieces

Taps at Arlington National Cemetery Р100 pieces


British Red Coat Р50 pieces


English Village – 150 pieces


Colonial Dames Waltzes – 75 pieces


Spring Flowers – 100 pieces