The American Indian Medical Scholarship Award Program (AIMS) was started by the Pennsylvania Society in 1928 and made a national project by the NSCDA in the 1930s to give students of American Indian descent the opportunity to pursue careers in nursing.

The students are expected to return to work among their people to help improve health care. Some students work on reservations, and others find employment in hospitals in areas largely populated by American Indians. Intended originally to benefit females only, the program has expanded to include males and the career goals now include not only nursing careers, but jobs in health care and health education, as well.

The current goal is to grant a $1,500 scholarship each semester, as long as the student remains in academic good standing. The scholarship money is restricted to tuition and specific academic expenses. To meet the financial demands of their education, many students seek additional government grants and subsidies and maintain part-time jobs.

Scholarship Recipients

  • Fall 2022 Recipients
    Jodi King


    Northern Arizona University
    Degree – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Nicole Natachu


    University of New Mexico
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Noellia Davilla

    Round Valley Tribes, Yuki

    Santa Rosa JC
    Degree: Associate of Science in Nursing

    Tiffany Blue Diaz


    Frontier Nursing University
    Degree: Nurse Practitioner

    Wyatt Ute


    University of Arizona
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Tatum Begay


    Mojave Community College
    Degree: Associate of Science in Nursing

    Emery Fox

    Muskogee Creek

    Oklahoma State University
    Degree: RN

    Monique Martinez

    Jemez Pueblo

    University of New Mexico
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Tara Leedham


    Eastern Kentucky University
    Degree: Advanced Practice, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    Meggan Judge

    Cheyenne River Sioux

    Alaska Pacific University
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

    Kira Alaniz


    James Madison University
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Stacia Fredericks


    Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“Your scholarship will help fund my next career step in obtaining my PhD at the University of Arizona. Earning my PhD will enrich skills needed to expand diabetes programs and projects. There are so many research topics that are needed to better understand diabetes especially in the pediatric and Native American populations. My research in the program will focus on food insecurity and lack of access to safe and effective and safe physical activity resources among Native Americans.”

-Rhea DeCoteau, 2019 Recipient

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A very special thank you to the Martha L. Walden Fund, Mary Steed Ewell, Trustee for their generous contribution.